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Chapter 11

I was sitting on the bed in the guest chambers, Queen Aria had apparently set up for me.

I was so worried about what was going back home. Victor oh god he must be devastated, he must be blaming himself and Akira, sweet Akira I know mother must be blaming her for leaving me alone. God help her.

Someone knocked, “Come in”

A sweet looking girl entered the room, she must be around the age of 16. “Hello”, she said shyly

I smiled, “hello”

“I’m Roselyn, the princess of Dwapar Kingdom”

I tensed, before I could say something the door opened, “I brought food for you” said Jacob

“Brother you’re back” Rose hugged Jacob

“Rose you shouldn’t be here, father is looking for you for the training anyway, you should go.”

I felt bad at his dismissal of her before she could leave I blurted, “We could talk tomorrow if you want”

Rose gave me a big smile and left promising her return tomorrow. The door closed.

Then I glared at Jacob.

Here we go.

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