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Chapter 12

“How dare you speak to her like that? Do you know how bad she must have felt.” I enraged

“I’m sorry love I will apologise to her but you must eat something” he said tenderly.

“How can you be so nonchalant”

“I just didn’t expect you to be angry at me about this so I-

“You’re right how you treat your family is none of my business. I apologise. When can I leave?”

He walked closer to me, “Everything that includes me is your business just like yours is mine”

“No see here’s where you’re wrong, none of what I do concerns you, up until you abducted me I had no idea of your existence, oh no I did a little bit, but the bit I know," I snorted distastefully "is something which made me realise I do not wish to meet you or be with you, ever.”

His eyes got darker, “Are you intentionally provoking me love”

“Stop it! I’m not doing anything! I’m tired, today was suppose to be special, I was going to marry a prince of my choice, my decision and you took it away from me.”

He stared at me and then started walking to me-

“What are you doing? Stay away you jerk”

“Say my name”


“Call me by my name”

“No” I said angrily

“Say my name love”

He was my predator and I was his prey, I jumped when I felt the wall at my back

His arms surrounded me, he wasn’t touching me but he was so close, our lips only inches apart.

I could feel his body, I could feel his breath

He leaned in inhaling my neck, “I love your scent, love”

I shivered.

He looked into my eyes and said, “Say my name, love”

His eyes were black like the dark night and yet I felt so peaceful looking at him. In that moment I couldn’t remember why I was suppose to stay away from this man, the both of us just fit.

“Jacob” I whispered

His eyes held such tenderness and then he smiled.

Jacob with a smile is lethal. He looked so damned beautiful that in that moment nothing else mattered to me.

“Jacob” I whispered again

“Victoria” he whispered back with a smile

We were so close I could feel his breath on mine, just a little closer and we'd kiss.

I smiled

He put his hands around my waist holding me close and put his forehead on mine, “You’re beautiful”

I blushed, “You are-

Somebody suddenly knocked.

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