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Chapter 13

“Oh my.. oh god” I stuttered pushing him away.

What the hell is wrong with me, how could I let him get close to me?

His eyes closed as if in pain.

“Come in” I squeaked.

A beautiful woman with the most elegant gown entered the room, “It is a pleasure to meet you Princess Victoria, although I wished it was under better circumstances, I am the Queen of Dwapar, Isabella Rose Knight”

“Son I think you should leave right now, the princess and I need to speak.”

Jacob looked at me and I nodded, he left reluctantly.

“I’m sorry for how things spiralled out of control, you should not have gone through such difficulties.”

The Queen sincerely said.

I remembered what father had told me about her.

“May I speak freely, your highness?”

“Of course” she smiled kindly.

“You know how I must feel, you have gone through a similar situation, how can you let your son treat me this way? Why won’t you let me return to my home?”

I questioned angrily.

“I’m sorry my dear I do feel bad about the situation but I don’t understand, what exactly are you trying to enunciate?”

“I know. My father.. he told me.. about your abduction.”

“My abduction?” Asked with incredulity

“King Harry, did he not take you against your will?” I asked confused.

“God no. He would never. Our marriage was.. different but not by any means was it forced. I fell in love with King Harry a long time ago, my family did not accept my decision of marrying him. They had me locked up, to marry me with someone of their choice. King Harry brought me with him, he did not abduct me, we ran away together but only because I asked him to.” She said remembering the incident. She smiled.


“I was criticised by people for it, but I didn’t care. King Harry and I were all that mattered.”

“Why.. how could you leave your family?”

“They did not care about me or else they wouldn’t have stopped me from being with someone I love”

“…” I was speechless, this was not what father said. Did he really not know? Of course he must have heard the wrong information… my father wouldn’t lie to me.

“I understand this is new information to you. Why don’t you eat your food, I’ll meet you tomorrow, then we could more”

She came and hugged me, remembering my own mother I hugged her back tight.

“Thank you” I whispered.

She squeezed me once and then left.

I sat on the bed where Jacob had left me food, I had a lot to think about.. but first food!

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