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Chapter 14

I was sleeping when I felt someone joining me on the bed, an arm wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to a hard body.

I knew who that arm belonged to,

“What the hell are you doing Jacob?” I glared looking back at him

“You know my touch darling, I’m impressed.” He said amused

I squeezed my eyes shut for a second and softly said, “Look I’m tired, today has been.. eventful, will you please just leave?”

He tenderly looked at me pushing me on back and climbing on top of me,

My eyes widened, “Are you insane, get off me” I said angrily.

“This is inappropriate Prince, I’d like you to leave”

He placed a kiss on my forehead and whispered, “Jacob”, kissing my nose, “it’s always Jacob to you, unless of course you have a special name for me then you can call me that love but not Prince, I don’t like it”

“Well I don’t like you but we all can’t get what we want, now can we?” I taunted

“Do you want me to kiss you, are you then going to call me Jacob?”

My breath hitched, I’d never been kissed. Hell, I’d never done a lot of things Jacob was doing to me, like the position we were in right now.

“Get off” I uttered

He bumped his nose into me, when I looked the playful glint had gone away. The intensity in his eyes would have buckled my knees if I already wasn’t lying on the bed.

“Jacob, you need to leave its late” I said quietly.

I couldn’t take the look, the playfulness I could handle but this, this made me want to commit sins for him, I couldn’t afford that.

I shut my eyes to think, and I found my reason, my eyes opened in anger, he was closer if possible, I pushed him off angrily.
“How dare you come into my room, how dare you abduct me against my wishes when I know you have a harem full of women waiting for you. I won’t tolerate this behaviour Prince Jacob, LEAVE” I thundered.

His eyes narrowed, “Harem?”

“Yes I bet you didn’t know I was aware of that. Leave, my father has me informed of your notoriety, I know enough. Even if he had allowed you to participate in my swayamvara I wouldn’t have chosen you.”

He laughed but it wasn’t the laugh I was somehow fond of, no it was demeaning, and cruel.

“You father” hatred in his voice

“Yes my father” I replied equally angry.

“He is an unscrupulous man, isn’t he.”

I paused my eyes widening

“He is the real problem here. God do you even know about him? I bet you don’t otherwise you wouldn’t be singing praises of him. I saved your damn life getting you here, the crimes that he has committed, the -

“STOP! My father has committed no crime, he is a king who is loved and respected. And he has never abducted a woman against her wishes.” I heckled.

His eyes hardened. “No he hasn’t, but wait he’s done worse, do you know he tried to undress a woman in the great hall, infront of everyone just to insult her because she said something he didn’t agree with?”

I faltered, no he was lying, he has to be. But he didn’t see me distraught as he resentfully continued.

“Oh no that’s not all, he tried and succeeded in killing his elder brother for the throne, an uncle you know nothing about.”

I could tell whatever Jacob wasn’t lying but how could I accept the fact that my father could do perform such despicable acts?

Tears dripping I shouted “STOP”

When he saw my face, his fell.



“No. I’m not your love, you don’t do this to the people you love, get out!”

He tried holding me but I pushed him away, and took two steps back.

“I said leave” I croaked.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I turned away without a reply.

A few second later I heard the door close. And I cried.

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