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Chapter 15

Jacob’s POV.

I punched the wall outside of her chamber.

Everything was going fine until she told me her father lied about another fucking thing. A harem? Even before I met Victoria, I had never had any harem.

But I know she worships her father, I shouldn’t have told her those things, doesn’t make them any less true though.

She has no idea that her father would be soon going to war for the sins he committed, he needs to die. And we wouldn’t be supporting her father, no we’ll be against him. And she’s going to hate it.

I closed my eyes

I need to tell her of this before she hears it from a somebody else.

I know her mother had her in the dark, she never knew of any of it, because her father no matter how despicable he might be, but is a good father. She didn’t want her children to hate their father or question his morality so she hid it. And the things I told her today aren’t even the half of what he’s done.

I could hear her sobs and they were killing me.

I squeezed my eyes shut and left before I decided to go back inside to her. I wanted to comfort her, kiss her pain away, but right now she needed me to give her space.

She believed me, I could see it in her eyes, if she hadn’t believed me she would have cursed me but she wouldn’t have cried.

And I wish, I wish she hadn’t believed me because I wasn’t able to bear that she was hurt, and I was the one who hurt her.

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