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Chapter 16

Next morning I was dressed in a gown that Princess Roselyn brought for me, she had been talking for the last hour and I still couldn’t get last night out of my head. His words repeating in my head over and over again.

“I love croissants, they are the best, did you like them?”

I blinked. “Yes, thank you.”

“Why are your eyes puffy, did you cry last night?” Roselyn softy asked

“Uhh … no I just miss my family” I stuttered.

Understanding dawned upon her.

The door opened, “Love” Jacob’s eyes moved around looking for me.

My eyes hardened. Last night had been an eye opener. I remembers Vic’s and father’s words, Jacob had to be manipulating me but not anymore. I wouldn’t let him instigate me against my own family.

When his eyes found me he smiled but the look on my face made him pause. I could sense his trepidation.

“Brother good morning” Roselyn smiled.

Jacob’s eyes moved across and he gave me a look and then he smiled, “Good morning Rose”

Roselyn’s eyes widened.

“Why don’t you bring me your special croissants as well?” He asked

I could practically see Roselyn jumping from pleasure.

“Of course” she practically ran out of the room.

Silence endowed.

“Are you happy?”

My eyes narrowed but I didn’t reply.

“I spoke to Rose, yesterday what you said I kept that in mind” he gave a little boyish smile as if waiting for praises.

I would have appreciated the gesture if he hadn’t just insulted my father last night.

I gave him no reaction.

He sighed. “I’m sorry for the way I behaved yesterday I shouldn’t have said that”

I started walking and he seemed relieved until I walked past him.

He held my wrist and pulled me to his chest, I started pushing him but he held my wrist at pushed them at my back making me immobile.

“Let go” I said calmly

“Forgive me love, I-

“No you don’t get to justify your actions. You hurt me” I croaked

His eyes dimmed, “Which is why I’m apologising, please forgive me”

I shook my head looking away.

He pulled me closer, and my eyes closed.

“Please” he whispered placing his lips on my head.

My eyes opened as I tried controlling my breathing

“Let go off me, or else I will never speak to you”

He let me out of his hold reluctantly.

“Why would you lie to me, I know my father would never do such things”

He remained quiet but I could read his eyes. He was pitying me.

“No stop.”


“He wouldn’t” I said in a small voice as a tear fell.

He hugged me close while I cried.

“Please don’t cry, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything, I promise not to say anything about your father. That is between you and him, and he is a good father, of that I am sure”

My arms wrapped around his neck and his hold tightened.

“Promise?” I asked in a small voice

He squeezed me, “I promise, love”

My eyes closed as he dipped his head onto my neck and placed a few kisses.

I moved back when he placed a final kiss behind my ear, my eyes downcast.

He gently pushed my chin upwards until I looked into his eyes, “One more thing, I have no harem, never had and never will. You’re all I’ve ever wanted.”

My brows furrowed in doubt.

He pulled me closer by my waist, my hands on his chest.

“No one love. No one but you. I swear this to you.”

I relaxed in his arms and nodded resting my head on his chest, his chin on my head. I was at peace. I trusted him, it came naturally to me. I trusted my instincts and my gut told me he was honest.

Roselyn entered with croissants, “Oh I um..”

I pulled back and nodded at Jacob, have me an amused smile.

“Come little sister, we all need to eat” he told Roselyn.

I smiled and joined the duo for breakfast.

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