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Chapter 17

A week had passed. I didn’t know when or what father was planning to get me back home but I didn’t hate it here anymore, I missed Kuru Kingdom but I was happy here. Everyone made sure to make me feel comfortable.

Nick and Rose were like friends to me. King Harry was extremely polite and Queen Aria was the sweetest, she reminded me of my mother. We had been chatting daily in the gardens, she made me feel at home.

Someone joined me in bed, arms pulling me, my back to a rock solid chest. This had become a routine.

Jacob was… consistent.

He was busy with some duties but he found time to spend with me as often as he could.

He would join me in bed at night daily, even when I told him to leave he’d hug me close and sleep. After the third day I stopped asking, he made me feel safe.

He’d joke around with me, I knew he adored me and I liked him but whenever I thought about father I….

“What are you thinking?” He asked quietly

I shifted in his hold, facing him and placing my hand on his chest and face between his shoulder and neck.

“You know you can’t come here at night, it’s not appropriate behaviour, we aren’t even married”

“Then marry me”

I looked at him, “You know we can’t”

“No we can! You just have to say yes” his voice frustrated

I tried moving away but he wouldn’t let me

“Its not that easy and you know it, there are too many complications.”

“Like your father?” He asked in anger

“Don’t” I warned

“Just say yes” he said while pushing me on my back and climbing over me

I licked my lips, “You abducted me”

He tensed, he was about to move back when I put my arms around his neck holding him to me

“I’m not saying it to hurt you but you need to understand that I need my family’s blessing for our marriage, this is not just my decision.” I softly said.

He put his forehead on mine, “Your brother and father are coming here tomorrow” he said faintly, gauging my reaction.

I paused, “What? Why didn’t you tell me this before? How long have you known?”

“Father told me today, the messenger said they must have left the palace and would reach here by tomorrow.”

He was searching my eyes for something but I didn’t know how to react, Jacob was special to me but if my father didn’t agree for this wedding, I will have to go back.

“Say you won’t leave me” he said fiercely


“No, no you’re not leaving me” he repeated

“Jake calm down”

He paused, “What did you just call me?”

I blushed, “I said Jake calm down..”

He smiled adoringly, “I love you Ria”

Pulling back I said, “Ria?”

“Well I’ve been thinking of a special name for you too, love. I know Akira and Victor call you Tori, and I thought Ria was beautiful, just like you.” He teased.

I laughed bumping my nose with his I replied, “Hm so are you telling me no one’s ever called you Jake?”

He shook his head, “No, only you” he said smiling down at me

I felt giddy hearing this I smiled so big for a second and he looked like I had given him the entire world.

Moving closer he said, “I love you Ria”

Gulping I closed my eyes and felt his breath on me, sensing his hesitation, I pulled down his head and his lips met mine.

His hold on me tightened as he lowered his body on me keeping a little weight off me, I pulled at his hair and he growled, he ravished my lips. Pulling back he started kissing and nipping on my neck as I moaned rolling my head on side as my eyes closed.

I needed him closer as I pulled at his vest, he took it off. This was the first time I had seen Jacob shirtless and it was a sight to behold. Both of us breathless, he was perfect, his body was sculpted perfectly.

“You’re perfect” I whispered

His eyes warmed as he softly pecked me on my lips, “You’re perfect” he whispered back as his fingers traced my lips and cheeks.

My hands moved to his chest moving down to his abs as I wrapped them to his back pulling him down on me.

“Love you can’t carry my weight, stop pulling me down” he huskily whispered.

“I need you closer to me” I breathlessly replied.

He looked content, holding his face to my neck for a while he then moved at the side and pulling me on top of him.

“Now go to sleep” he said kissing my forehead.

I pecked his lips and saw his eyes glow.

I smiled at him and moved my nose to his jaw and neck as I finally dosed off.

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