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Chapter 1

I was exhausted, gasping for breath very part of my body felt as if it was on fire. Running for my life.

Looking around wildly in the forest to find a way out and then suddenly

“VICTORIAA” my mother shouted waking me up from my nightmare leaving me relieved and panicked at the same time. Relieved because it was over and panicked because was it really over?

This was the fourth time I had the same ominous dream, I was starting to get worried.

“I’m up mother”, I replied.

“Get ready sweetheart, your father’s waiting for you in the grounds, I’ll see you at breakfast”

“Alright”, I stood to get dressed, not wanting my father to be kept waiting any longer.

My life in no means was ordinary. I was special and everyone around me made sure to remind me of the fact. I was the Princess of the Kingdom of Kuru with the best King this kingdom had witnessed, the daughter of King Liam.

At the age of 18 I was the best in sword and spear than any other girl in the entire kingdom. My father made sure of it, he wanted me to be able to fight and protect myself when needed.

It was time to put it to good use.

I was headed towards the training grounds when I saw my father standing in the middle of the field. I was dressed in my training gear with a head gear on my head for safety, I went towards the weaponry and picked out my spear for the training. With my spear in my hand, I went to greet my father.

“Good morning Papa!” I beamed.

His eyes warmed when his gaze settled on me and a loving look came upon his face.

“Good morning sunshine”, he replied.

My father was a warrior, the best one there was, I wasn’t afraid of him by any means, if anything I was proud of him. He was the King of Kingdom Kuru, King Liam George MacQuoid.

In the times when women weren’t capable of even riding a horse, he had made me exceptionally talented in the martial arts and I was just as well taught as my twin brother, Victor Draconian MacQuoid.

“Where is Brother Victor?”

“He is out in the forest with the some soldiers, there were a few arrangements he had to ensure before tomorrow’s function, your swayamvara would be perfect, with only the best of suitors and with the choice of your interest only.

I want to provide you with the choice not every girl is fortunate to get. You are my gem, remember choose someone who’s valiant. Someone who would go for war for you my beautiful child, I want the best for you and nothing else.”

“I know papa, I will make you proud, my decision will be made with my family’s pride kept in mind.” I promised.

Swayamvara- a practice in which a girl of marriageable age chose a husband from a group of suitors.

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