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Chapter 18

Jacob’s POV.

Things were going perfectly, I just needed a few more days to convince Victoria for the wedding but her father was arriving today, I was afraid for the first time in my life.

All of the progress we made would be for nothing if her father didn’t agree. I knew Victoria loved her father to no end, she wouldn’t leave her family like my mother.

She would go back, but I couldn’t let her. She was perfect, we were perfect.

“Has he arrived?” I asked my father.

“No” my father said, he knew the odds were tough. He knew if this didn’t go smoothly, I would wage war for Victoria but I wouldn’t let her go.

A maid came running through the doors, “the King and Prince of Kuru Kingdom have arrived your highness” she bowed and left.

I saw King Liam and Prince Victor coming through the doors, look of hatred on their faces.

“King Harry” King Liam acknowledged

“Why don’t we take our seats” my father tried smoothing things over.

“Where is my sister?” Victor rumbled

“She is informed of your arrival, she’ll be here soon.” I said

He narrowed his eyes at me but took a seat nonetheless.

“King Harry I think you know the… events that led to this misfortunate situation we are in, we’d like you to return my daughter to us.” King Liam said in anger

“I do, and I am sorry for the distress it has caused you and your family, which is why I propose we marry our children-

“Absolutely not!” Victor boomed

“Why not?” My father asked calmly when I was raging inside.

“He abducted her, she won’t marry him. I want to give my daughter a choice, a choice Prince Jacob took away at her swayamvara when he-

“Things have changed” I finally spoke.

No one said anything.

King Liam and Victor exchanged glances.

“Father, brother” we heard a cheerful voice

I turned in time to look Victoria fly past me into her brother’s embrace.

My fist clenched. I was afraid he was going to take her away, something I couldn’t allow.

“Are you alright?” Victor asked while looking her up and down to check for any bruises. My jaw ticked.

“I’m good Vic” she softly replied

She hugged her father. And then.

Then thank the lord she came and stood, next to me right infront of her brother and father.

My body finally relaxed.

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