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Chapter 22

“I won’t lie to you, I promise you this Vic.”

“What is going on between you and… knight” he looked sick at the thought of us together.

“I fell in love with him” I whispered

“How can you fall in love with someone who abducted you Tori? Do you not have any self respect? He got you here forcefully”

My heart constricted, “The situation wasn’t appropriate I agree, but things changed when we arrived here. He’s good to me, he listens to me, respects me and my decisions. But most importantly, he loves me Vic, I know he does, his actions weren’t suitable but he has never mistreated me in any way. He would die for me if I asked.”

Victor’s eyes squinted, “What about his harem?”

“He doesn’t have a harem, he swore to me and I believe him.” I replied strongly.

“Do you honestly believe that you aren’t a prisoner here?” he said looking around the chamber.

“No of course not! I can go around the palace as I wish, no one ever questions me.” I tried reassuring him.

“Not the palace Tori, if you told he you want to leave with us, now. Would he agree?” Victor asked challengingly.

I faltered, “Um.. this isn’t fair he’s insecure that if I leave I might not return. He doesn’t want to lose me and I don’t want to leave him either.”

“I didn’t ask whether or not you want to leave little sister. I asked if you told him you want to leave would he allow you to leave?”

I knew the answer to his question, but I couldn’t say it because saying it out loud would be confirming what Victor suspected. He would always believe that I’m a prisoner here.

“Your silence is your answer, Tori.” he said softly trying to convince me.

A tear dropped to my cheek.

Victor wiped it away, “Don’t cry, just do as I ask, and I promise I’ll support you.”

I nodded as my tears dropped.

We exited the chambers, I saw Jacob waiting for me outside in the hallways, his hands fisted by his side.

Victor gave me a nod and left for the great hall.

Jacob walked to me as Victor passed him.

Jacob covered our distance in three quick strides, “Did you cry?” He touched my cheek tenderly, his eyes searching mine.

I held his hand in mine and pulled him inside the chambers, closing the door I turned to him,

I looked him and said, “I have to leave.”

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