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Chapter 23

Jacob’s POV

It would’ve hurt less if she ripped my heart out of my body.

“What?” I whispered

She took my hand and squeezed it, “I’m not leaving you, I will come back I promise but I need you to not stop me right now.”

“No.” I rejected, “You are not leaving” I said tersely.

Her face paled, “Am I a prisoner here Jacob?”

“Don’t play that card Ria, you know you’re not” I said harshly.

“You keep saying that but only giving me permission to roam around the palace isn’t freedom Jake. Freedom means respecting my decision even if that means that I want to leave.”

“You want to leave?” My voice broke.

“Baby I’m not leaving you! I just need to leave for a few days, then I’ll come back” she said

“And I am suppose to believe that your father will allow you to come back? Ria, I’m afraid he won’t even allow me to meet you once you leave here.”

I stated.

Her eyes warmed, she cupped my cheeks, “Just trust me on this, you say you love me. Trust me, come with me to the hall and announce that I’d be leaving with them today.”

I shook my head but she held my face in her hands, “Jake you need to trust me!” She said fiercely.

“How can I let you go, you are my world Ria” I whispered.

A tear dropped out her eye and she gave me a beautiful smile, “And you are mine, love. Don’t you dare think you love me more than I love you.” She declared.

She pulled my face down and her lips met mine in a fierce kiss. It wasn’t a soft kiss, no this was an explosive kiss. She opened her mouth and I dove my tongue right in tasting her, devouring her.

Pulling back she put her forehead on mine, “Just trust me” she whispered.

“I do” I whispered back, and I did. I trusted her with my entire being.

Victoria’s POV.

I opened my eyes to look into the dark eyes of my Knight, my Jake.

And I knew I won, my faith in him wasn’t misplaced.


A tear dropped to my cheek.

Victor wiped it away, “Don’t cry, just do as I ask, and I promise I’ll support you.”

“What do you want me to do Vic? I swear I’ll do anything but please don’t make me choose, I cannot live without Jake.”

He looked at me tenderly, “Tell him you’re leaving”

“What no I can’t..”

“Listen to me Tori, you don’t have to leave him just tell him that you’re going to, see his reaction. We’ll both get answers to our questions.”

“I don’t understand”

“I want you to tell him you’re leaving but you’ll return to him after a few days. If he doesn’t allow you even those few days then you’ll understand what I said was true and you will leave with us today. But if he agrees, you won’t have to leave him, I will stand by your choice. But promise me you will not tell him about this discussion, I will. When he announces that you are joining me and father back to Kuru, our kingdom.”

“You want him to announce this?” I whispered distressed

“Yes. I want to see whether he’ll trust you enough to go through with it or not. Promise me Tori, this discussion will remain between us, you won’t tell him about this.” Victor asked firmly.

“I promise, but you will stand by us. You will accept Jake, promise me Vic.” I said fiercely.

“I promise if he doesn’t stop you and stands by your decision, if he respects you enough to let you make your own choices, I will accept the both of you wholeheartedly.” He said softly.

Flashback over.

“Then let’s go, you’ll announce that I’m leaving and then we’ll go from there.” I said

“Fine” he muttered.

I pecked him on the nose and entwined our fingers together. We walked to the great hall together.

“Victoria is leaving” he deadpanned as his hand tightened around mine.

My heart ached looking at him, I knew he was hurt but he’ll understand, and this moment would give us our lifetime of happiness. This was necessary to show Victor that I wasn’t a prisoner here. I needed Vic to understand. I needed his support, I knew he would stand by us and support us. Atleast this way someone would be by our side.

“What are you saying Jacob?” King Harry looked bewildered.

“Finally, let us leave children” my father sounded smug.

Jacob’s jaw ticked and I squeezed his hand.

Victor looked at me and smiled. He looked proud of me, “Tori is not leaving here.”

Jacob’s eyes snapped to Victor.

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