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Chapter 24

“What do you mean she is not leaving, she is going back with us” my father hotly spoke.

“No I’m not. Atleast not right now” I said.

“What is going on?” Jacob questioned looking gleeful

“Victoria and Jacob would come with the entire Dwapar clan when we are done with the preparations of the wedding.” Victor said in a loud voice, his decision final. I smiled at him and squeezed Jacob’s hand.

“What wedding?” My father looked between me and Victor wildly.

“Why father, Victoria and Jacob’s wedding of course.” Victor amused.

“This is not happening, I haven’t given my permission-

“With all due respect father, as Victoria’s elder brother I have given her my blessing and promised Jacob with her hand, you cannot ask me to take my word back” Victor said. If anything our father had taught us, it was to always keep our word. He taught us that no matter what we should never go back from our word, he said integrity was everything.

By saying that he had given us his word, Victor had father by the wires. Now even if he wanted to, father would not be able to say anything or do anything.

“With whose permission did you give her hand to Prince Jacob, son?” My father asked scornfully.

“With my permission, I told him my wish to marry the man I love, and he like a good brother supported my decision.” I told gladly. Father looked at me with disapproval, but this time I was going to choose my heart. He had taught me to make my own decisions, he had always wanted me to choose my own groom, in a weird way I was still listening to my father’s wishes even if I wasn’t. Does it make sense? He’ll understand, he loves me. With time I was sure he would not only be proud of my decision but also come to love Jacob.

I turned to Jacob who looked confused but extremely happy otherwise.

King Harry remained quiet as well just noticing everything.

“We should take our leave father, we need to do make arrangements at the palace.” Victor said respectfully.

My father reluctantly nodded.

He came to me and gave me a hug, “Love you sunshine.” With a squeeze on my shoulder he left for the carriage.

“Walk with me?” Victor offered me his hand

I happily nodded and went ahead with him.

“Thank you Vic” I whispered as my eyes filled.

“I love you Tori, your happiness is all that matters. Even if its with.. Knight.” He said uncomfortably.

I laughed hitting him on the arm, “Stop it! Once you talk to him you’ll like him. He’s perfect Vic”

“Alright! Now I need to leave” he laughed.

I hugged him tight, I pulled back and asked, “Before you go, how’s mother?”

“She’s good Tori” he said warmly.

“How’s Akira, Vic?”

His face which otherwise tightened at her mention, looked content, happy even..

“She’s fine too, no need for you to worry.” he said gently hugging me.

I grudgingly nodded as he moved back.

“Take care of her Knight” Vic said.

An arm wrapped around my waist, “With my life” Jacob replied

I smiled and leaned into him.

My brother nodded at the both of us and joined my father.

I watched them both go but this time it didn’t hurt.

“Want to tell me what was that about?” Jake asked with both eyebrows raised.

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