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Chapter 26

When I reached Jacob’s chambers I knocked but didn’t receive any reply.

I opened the door and saw Jacob sitting on the bedside, his back facing me. I closed the doors and entered the room.

“I don’t want company right now. You may leave Victoria.” he said tersely.

Jake had never used this tone with me before, my heart tightened.

“Well I need your company right now so I don’t care” I said thinking he’d laugh.

He did laugh but this wasn’t the one I wanted. It was filled with derision. “Of course when have you cared about what I want, you always do what you feel is right or what you want.”

“Don’t say that, of course I care about you Jake.” I said quietly as my eyes filled.

“Don’t fucking lie to me” he said crisply.

“Jake I swear I didn’t…” I tried touching him but he moved as if my touch burned him.

“Just go Victoria, I am not in a state to have a conversation right now.” he sighed as he fisted his hair. his dishevelled state nothing to calm the storm inside of me. I wanted to make it better for him, for us. I couldn’t leave.

“No I’m not leaving you. I’m going to fight for us Jake, even if I have to fight against you for it.”

He snorted at me again, “You won’t fight for us with anybody but me. I wish you would leave me, I wish I wouldn’t have given you the permission to leave, then you would have been gone forever, isn’t that right?” He mocked

My heart broke, “You don’t mean that” I mumbled

He snorted, “Just fucking leave” he roared turning to face me.

When he looked at my tear streaked face he suddenly lost his anger. As if just realising what he said his eyes widened when tears fell on my cheek.

The hatred, the disgust everything went away, but the words? Those hung between us, that was the thing, wasn’t it? You can never take back your words. I wasn’t sure if I could ever forget them.

I turned around and ran for the door but before I could get to it Jake’s arms wrapped around my waist stopping me in the tracks. My body tensed but I didn’t make any other movement.

“Love” his voice tormented but right now I couldn’t look at him. If I did I’d break down and my pride wouldn’t allow me that.

“Please. I need you to let me go” I whispered my body still tight with tension.

“No no no I’m sorry love I didn’t mean that, you have to know I didn’t. I love you Ria.” his voice terrified.

“It surely doesn’t feel like it.” I whispered

His hold tightened, “Love please..”

I shifted when he realised I just wanted to face him his hold loosened for a moment but just as I faced him he tightened his hold back.

“I was not testing your love Jacob. When my brother said those things, I didn’t think it would hurt you so much otherwise I wouldn’t have agreed, you need to know when I promised him I already knew that you’d say yes otherwise I wouldn’t have agreed to that ultimatum. I believed in our love. Because I never wanted to leave you, that is why Vic told me I could stay with you not because father wouldn’t have allowed me to meet you if I left. My intention by agreeing to this was so that atleast someone I love would give us our blessing, I knew Vic could convince father for our wedding and I wanted to get married to you with my family by my side. If I even slightly had a doubt of your love for me, I wouldn’t have tested you, I would have gone back with my father because I know he doesn’t like you.” I cried.

Jake’s eyes squeezed shut, “I-

“If you only would have listened to me, we wouldn’t be standing here right now.” I hoarsely said.

“Love I thought-

“I don’t care what you thought or think.” I wiped my cheeks willing myself to be strong.

I forced his hands away and turned away.

“I’m sorry, love" he whispered.

“Me too” I whispered back and left.

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