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Chapter 2

“You’re getting better at your spear training, that’s good” my father acknowledged.

“I have been practising after training, Papa” I said placing the spear in its place.

“You shouldn’t exert yourself sunshine, tomorrow is a big day, I want you to rest” he said concerned.

“Papa it does help me relax after everything.. I wanted to talk to you about something but lately you have been very busy with the preparations of the swayamvara” I said remembering my unceasing horrifying dream.

“I am never busy if you want to talk to me, tell me what is it?”

“It’s just the past couple of days I have-

“Father have you invited the Knights to my sisters’ swayamvara?” Victor came barreling into the grounds.

Our heads snapped towards him.

My brother and I were connected in a way I never really understood, maybe it was because we shared a womb but we had an inexplicable connection. A bond so strong that we would die for each other if necessary.

Watching him fume my father and I went to him.

“What happed Victor?” Papa asked.

“Are the Knights invited to the swayamvara father?” Victor fumed.

“Of course not! I would never marry my daughter to that dishonourable prince of that scandalous kingdom”

“Someone in the kingdom saw a flag of Dwapar Kingdom, I’m afraid they will be here tomorrow”

“IMPOSSIBLE” father roared.

Startled I watched the interaction, I had never seen my brother and father this furious.

“I have read about Dwapar Kingdom, it is very well flourished and said to be the most beautiful kingdom in the entire universe” I cut in.

“Tory, no matter what or who you choose, DO NOT choose him” my brother looked horrified by my fascination towards Dwapar Kingdom.

“Whoever do you mean Vic?” I questioned.

“Jacob Valiant Knight” my father replied looking disgusted.

“May I ask why?” I softly asked, intrigued.

I’ve never heard of the Prince before, except for when someone boasted about the Prince of Dwapar being the best warrior, he was said to be extremely skilled in martial arts with an exceptionally good hand at the arrow and bow.

My brother and father looked wary,

“Tori I know you’re curious but have trust in us little sister, he is a despicable human. He does not deserve you or your love.” Victor replied evenly.

“He uses women sunshine. He has a harem of them. He is ruthless, cruel to a degree. He is said to be as vicious as his father, did you know his father abducted his mother and then married her by force?” My father told me.

“What” I whispered horrified.

Of everything I had heard or read about the Dwapar Kingdom, none of this I ever knew.

My father put his arm on my shoulder moving me towards the palace, “Let’s go eat breakfast, your mother must be waiting, no need to worry about something that isn’t going to happen. I would not let them enter, even if they do you will not choose them, and that is an order”

I was shocked, no I was hurt, my father had never ordered me, never commanded me. I hated that tone, I hated how I felt when he commanded me and all because of what? A spoiled prince of such a ruthless kingdom?

No. Never. I decided never to repeat his name ever again.

I will forget that I was ever in awe of such a vile kingdom or that I wanted to visit it.

I will forget that I ever heard his name or that there ever was a Dwapar Kingdom.

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