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Chapter 28

I had just showered and gotten dressed when,

I heard a knock while I was getting ready, “Come in”

Roselyn entered the room, she looked excited and was practically jumping up and down from glee.

“Hey Victoria! How are you?” Roselyn chirped.

I smiled, “Good morning Roselyn! I’m good, thank you. You look pretty excited, something special?”

“My friend is visiting me today, she a princess too. Her name’s Isabella.” she smiled with a spark.

“Oh that’s a nice name” I smiled back.

“Yes she’s sweet, you’ll like her. I was thinking… would you.. like to join me in welcoming her? I mean I want to introduce you, after all you and brother Jacob are getting married soon!” she looked a bit nervous.

I just brushed it aside considering how shy she can be, she was probably nervous that I’d say no..

“I’d love to Rose, just give me a second. I’ll meet you at the entrance.” I assured her.

“Okay!” She pranced out the room.

I shook my head and smiled.

After putting on my earrings, and fixing my hair, I headed out the door to meet Rose when an arm curled pulling me to a very known chest! “Jake!” I said startled

He laughed, “Where are you going?” He whispered while he bit my earlobe.

I jumped looking around, “We are in the hallway, do you have no shame?” I teased.

“Alright, let’s go back to the bedroom” he winked right back.

I laughed, “As much as I’d love that I promised your sister company today.”

His brows furrowed, “But isn’t her friend visiting today?”

“Yeah she asked me to join them”

He snorted, “alright then I’d better leave”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “You know a good fiancé would accompany me so that I don’t feel uncomfortable.”

He made a face, “With my sister and her friend?”

He shivered as if creeped out by the idea.

I smirked, “Fine, I just thought if you were with me the entire day maybe we could sneak out of there into our bedroom to you know.. get acquainted.” I said fixing his vest, moving my hand up and down his chest.

Before he could pull me closer, I took a few steps back “But since you’re not interested I’d better go” I had just turned when he pulled my back to his front, “You’re a devil, you know that?” Jacob whispered in my ear.

“But I thought I was an angel” I fluttered my eyes at him. He laughed, I loved his laugh.

When he saw me watching him he softly smiled and kissed me, turning me to face him.

“I’d really appreciate if you would come with me but I understand if you’re busy?” I really was nervous and having Jake around keeps me at peace.

“I’ll come with you, always” he gently bumped his nose with me

We started walking for the entrance as I laughed at what Jake said, my hand holding his.

I saw Roselyn waiting by the gates, her hands fidgeting together. I smiled, Roselyn had to be the sweetest girl I’ve ever come across.

Jake and I joined Roselyn at the entrance, “Oh brother I’m glad you could join too!” Roselyn smiled a little nervously but she looked happy.

Roselyn really looked upto Jake, I was glad that they were getting close.

Jake wrapped his arm around my waist and smiled at Rose.

Before any of us could say anything a carriage came through, a beautiful girl stepped out.

She looked at Roselyn and smiled but her eyes lit up when she saw Jacob standing there as well, and then she saw his arm wrapped around my waist and her brows furrowed.

I did not get a good feeling, “Does Roselyn’s friend has a crush on you?” I whispered for only Jake to listen.

Jake didn’t reply but he was a little tense, when I looked up his mouth was set in a firm line. I frowned.

“Roselyn you didn’t say it was Isabella who was visiting today.” Jacob rumbled.

“Brother not now! She is my best friend.” This was the first time I had heard Rose be rude to Jacob. Even Roselyn’s body was a little tense.

Before I could ask anything, Isabella joined us,

“Rosie I missed you so much!” She hugged Roselyn.

“Jacob” she whispered intimately.

I so don’t like this girl. My eyes narrowed.

“Hello, I’m Princess Victoria! Jake’s fiancé.” I said tightly

Her face fell, “hi” she said quietly. Roselyn started talking to Isabella asking her about her whereabouts and her family. We all went to the gardens where the lunch was specially organised for Isabella.

We were all sitting at the dining table waiting for lunch to be served.

“I love this garden, there are so many fond memories we share of this place.” Isabella said reminiscing.

Jacob’s jaw ticked and my brows furrowed. What was going on here?

“Don’t you agree Jake?” Roselyn asked.

My blood boiled, I wanted to scream that only I can call him Jake, but it would seem childish. I was sure Jake would correct her but he simply nodded at her.

This was torture. Jacob was not only tense but he was barely indulging in any conversation, he was not even looking at me. I needed to leave.

“Um excuse me, I’ll be right back, Rose!” I quickly walked away.

I was in my chamber for past fifteen minutes, I had thought Jake would come for me, I had never felt so foolish in my life. I left the chamber in search of Jake. I needed to talk to him, ask him what was going on..

I saw him and Isabella in his chambers, alone. My body stilled, what were they doing? Why was she in Jake’s chamber?

I hid behind a curtain, to listen what they were saying to each other, I didn’t want to interrupt I wanted Jake to put her back in her place and tell her that he was mine. I would never fight somebody, it was Jacob, who had to put a girl in his place if one ever flirted with her.

I always believed that if a man is unfaithful to you, it is not the woman’s fault. The only person who did you wrong was the man, after all he was the one in a relationship with you.

“Jake how can you marry her?” I heard her whine.

“Things have changed, you weren’t here when this happened.” he curtly replied.

What the hell? Why was he saying this as if her being here would have changed his decision? Did he.. Did he love her? My heart constricted at the thought.

“Is she who I think she is? Is she the daughter of that monster, Liam Macquoid?” her voice angry.

I fumed, how dare she speak ill of my father.

Jake say something, I pleaded in my head.

“Yes” he replied.

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