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Chapter 29

Just one word. Yes?

Nothing in defence of me or my father, who was this man? This wasn’t my Jake, my hands shook.

“You can’t marry her Jake” Isabella said in a final tone.

“Who I marry is none of your concern, Isabella” I heard Jacob’s reply, his tone angry.

“I am your first kiss, and you are mine. That will always mean something” She said.

I could hear his sigh, I wanted him to refute that claim, I didn’t couldn’t imagine Jake with someone else. It hurt.

“Yes but we were children Isabella” he said softly, tenderly even.

I saw her touching his hair and thank god he moved back otherwise I would have cancelled our wedding. I would never accept infidelity in my marriage. Never.

“I think you should go” I sighed, I needed to talk to him in private. I won’t let our problems be publicised like this. I was relieved getting out of the curtains to enter the room when I saw her lunge at Jake and kiss him on the lips. He froze, it two whole two seconds for him to push her away when my lips trembled and I unintentionally gasped.

Jake’s eyes snapped to me and widened. His face paled as I turned my back.

I ran, I bolted so quick when I heard Jake yell my name, “RIAA”

I locked the doors to my chamber in time. When I heard him bang on my door, “Open the door, love. It wasn’t what it looked like, I swear. Let us talk.” He pleaded.

I sobbed.

“Ria, I will kick this door down. Open the fucking door!” He banged louder after hearing me sob.

“Leave Jacob” my voice wobbled.

The banging turned louder and I finally opened the door before he could break the lock.

He pulled me into his arms trying to get close to me.

“No don’t touch me.” I pushed him away.

“I didn’t kiss her I swear.” his eyes wild.

“Yeah I saw, it took you two seconds to get her off you” I said disgusted.

“I wasn’t expecting her to kiss me Ria, I froze. It didn’t mean shit.” Jacob’s voice hard this time.

“I heard.” I whispered as my eyes filled.

“What?” he frowned.

“She was your first kiss.” I whispered.

His eyes widened, “It was before I even saw you Ria, you can’t be angry about that.”

“I know. But what was she doing in your room with you, the both of you alone, calling you Jake and you didn’t even correct her once, and she was calling my father names, you didn’t defend him or for that matter you didn’t defend us when she questioned our wedding. You didn’t say that you love me and that she can go to hell, you stood there listening to the crap she was spewing. And then you were coddling her, tenderly saying that she wasn’t here when you made the decision to marry me. Well she is here now, I’ll pack my bags and you can go marry her. You didn’t come after me when I left instead I found you with HER” I cried.

He closed his eyes for a second and then he pushed my back against a wall, “No stop it Jacob!”

“Ria! Listen to me. I didn’t defend your father because Isabella’s your aunt’s daughter. After everything she and her mother went through, I didn’t think it mattered, I wanted that conversation over so I could come to you. And I was coming to you after you left the lunch but I just needed to get my nerves together before coming to you so I could explain everything. You love your father, baby. I don’t like to remind you of the.. things that have happened in the past but I had to, to explain the situation with Isabella. But before I could come to you she entered my chambers. Her coming today at the palace was a shock to me, I was not prepared for it to happen. Please believe me.” he said as he watched me carefully.

I paused

“As for the kiss I pushed her away, didn’t kiss her back even for a second. I didn’t say any hurtful comment because she is Roselyn’s friend, and yes we kissed once but we were young, I hadn’t initiated that kiss even at that age, and we didn’t even realise what it meant until we got much older. She likes me, I didn’t think it was necessary for me to tell her directly I love you because it would have only hurt her-

That brought the hurt back and I pushed him away.

“NO! No don’t. She was telling you not to marry me, as my future husband it was your duty to protect and care about my feelings Jacob. Mine not hers, MINE!

Put yourself in my position, what if the roles were reversed. What if you saw my childhood friend who I had even kissed once speak those things to me. And then kiss me. Would you have expected me to spare his feelings or tell him to get out because you are mine as much as I’m yours, and because I love you.”

His face paled.

“And what if he kept on calling me Ria? How would you have felt then? Would you have been okay with that? Our names, special names meant something to me. I just thought they meant something to you too. But I was wrong” I whispered in the end.

He shook his head looking heartbroken as I felt but I didn’t care. For the first time I was actually, genuinely uncertain about me and Jake.

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