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Chapter 31

I was sitting on the sofa when Jacob pulled me up by my wrist. “Go wash your face” he said

“What why?” I frowned.

“Just go wash your face, please.” he said softly and I nodded hesitantly.

I had just come out of the washroom when Jake took my hand entwined our fingers together and started walking out the door, “Jacob where are we going?”

He didn’t answer, he brought me to the damned garden where Isabella and Roselyn were chatting happily.

When Isabella saw us her face twisted before she composed herself, but I saw it and by the looks of it so did Jacob.

“Jake, come sit with us?” She smiled at him

I tried pulling my hand away but he tightened his hold and pulled me closer.

“Its Jacob, Prince Jacob to you.” He said tersely.

She looked back shocked. Then laughed, “Stop messing around Jake!” My jaw ticked.

“I never fucking mess around, I said its Prince Jacob to you, are you deaf?” he replied stoically.

Roselyn gasped, “Brother what are you doing?”

Jake looked at her and said, “If she is your friend then go to her place the next time you want to meet, she will never again step foot in this house.”

My eyes widened alongside Roselyn’s and Isabella’s.

Isabella narrowed her eyes at me, “What did you say to him? We were fine, we even kissed a few minutes earlier.”

I knew what she was trying to do but she was mistaken if she thought I would give her the satisfaction of seeing me and Jake fight infront of her.

I moved forward getting out of Jacob’s hold and slapped her right across her stupid face!

Roselyn gasped.

“How dare you?” Isabella gasped.

“I will slap your mouth shut if you repeat your fucking lies again.” I roared

Isabella looked at Jacob for support, if he supported her-

“You should leave Isabella. Before Ria uses her sword on you, and she is damn good too” Jacob hissed.

“Jak- Prince Jacob please we were friends once..”

My eyes turned cold, what was she trying to accomplish? Did she not realise that Jacob is betrothed to me? He is spoken for, how can someone be so.. and to think she is my cousin. I shook my head repulsed by the idea.

“We were never friends, I did not want to hurt you but you’ve left me with no choice. I love Victoria and I will only ever marry her. We were never friends, you were always Roselyn’s friend who I tolerated, and no I wouldn’t even be here today if Ria hadn’t asked me to join her, HER not you, her. And kissing you when I was a kid was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life, I regret it and if I could I would erase it because quite frankly I have forgotten it but you-

“That’s enough Jacob” I interrupted. The girl was in tears and although I disliked her but being cruel unnecessarily wasn’t what I asked of Jacob. I just wanted him to defend me when there was a situation to, not purposely attack someone to make me feel important to him, and that is exactly what he was doing. Maybe it was out of anger, but I didn’t want to unnecessarily hurt her.

I looked at Roselyn,

“Forgive me, this wasn’t suppose to go like this.” I apologised sincerely. Roselyn has been anything but warm to me, I knew she was excited about today.

“You have nothing to apologise for-

“No, I do. I am only apologising to Rose.” I cut Jacob off.

Roselyn’s eyes softened but I saw a flicker of nervousness and guilt? But she nodded at me, “I’m sorry too” she whispered softly.

I brushed aside my thoughts and smiled at her and turned to look at Isabella’s hands fisted by her side.

I shook my head at her and turned my face to see Jake looking stoic, his eyes landed on me and softened when I saw him getting agitated. I know he wanted to talk to me alone, but he would have to wait. I turned away from him. And left.

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