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Chapter 32

I started walking away when I heard Jacob telling Roselyn to never invite Isabella here at the palace over again and then I was out of earshot.

I heard footsteps behind me.

“I wish to be left alone at the moment.” I said monotonously.


“Please leave me alone.-

“Stop. I’m sorry, I should have paid more attention to what was happening-

“You told her things changed because she wasn’t here. Basically saying that you wouldn’t be with me if she would have stayed here-

“NO! I did not say that, what I meant and said was that things changed, and she was not there so she does not understand the situation. I would never have married her love. I have no feelings for that girl, his brother is a friend to me, but she is only Roselyn’s friend. You think someone who was not even a friend to me, I would marry her?” he walked closer.

I shook my head, “But-

“No. Nothing else happened, I’m sorry that I took time to understand what was happening but I promise you that I’ll come to you immediately if any sort of situation arises.”

My brows furrowed, my head was so messed up. I couldn’t think straight. I wanted to bash her head in for kissing Jacob. But he was right he wasn’t really at fault because of the mistakes Isabella committed.

I felt arms wrap around me before Jacob bent down to kiss my neck.

I closed my eyes, “I think you need to sleep in your own chamber tonight-

“No, are you forgetting my promise love? We don’t sleep apart and we don’t go to bed angry” he said gently.

“That was before Jacob.-

“Please stop, you don’t call me Jacob anymore” he pulled me closer to him.

I faltered. I shut my eyes.

“I can’t! Calling you Jake feels tainted now. Like-

“Don’t! She never called me Jake before this! I swear, she just repeated it today after listening to you call me Jake. And I would have stopped her but I wasn’t really paying attention, I was worried that she’d bring up the kiss and you’d be upset. I thought I’d tell you about it during night when we’re together, in private.”

“You were listening to her of course you heard her call you Jake”

“No sweetheart I wasn’t, I was just nodding away, did you see me once talking to her, properly?”

I thought for a while,

“Next time if there’s a girl or anything really, I want you to tell me straight away about the matter, I don’t want to hear it from someone else. It catches me off guard and I don’t like it. And I want our affairs to be private. I don’t want anyone to ever feel like they can come in between the both of us.” I said

“Done! Whatever you say.” He agreed.

“And you talked to her just like you talk to me” I complained

“What? No I didn’t.” He vehemently replied.

He cupped my cheek, “Love, I might’ve said something to her softly to make her understand the situation, but I definitely didn’t speak to her the way I speak to you.. I don’t even talk to Rose that way. I only talk to you like that.” He smiled at me.

“Damn you’re good with words, Knight.” I mused.

“I need you to know something” he looked at me intently.

“What” I whispered

“You are my first choice, there is no second choice. You’re it for me, YOU, no one else but you.” he said fervently.

He didn’t allow me a reply as he leaned in and sealed his promise with a kiss.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, going on my toes as I brought his body closer to mine.

Mature content ahead. (It is mentioned when it ends if you wish to skip this part!)

He was about to pull back from the kiss when I eagerly deepened the kiss, pushing him against the wall, I stood on my toes kissing him fervently when he switched our positions and picked me up by my waist. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

We somehow managed to find the bed where he laid me down, before he could climb on top of me I pushed him on his back and straddled him. I looked him in the eye and whispered, “I love you, Jake. Always.”

He pulled me back down and I continued kissing him, I pulled off his vest as his hands explored my body.

I ran my hand over his chest, abs and my hands stopped at his crotch. His eyes darkened.

“I want to take your trousers off, can I?” I asked.

“I’m yours, love. You can do anything you want, you don’t ever need to ask me” he surrendered

I kissed the place between his ears and neck and he shivered.

Kissing and nipping on his neck I made my way down his chest. Stopping I licked one of nipple and his hold on my waist tightened.

Ignoring his growls I licked down his abs and opened the button to his trousers. He helped me take it off with wobbly hands.

“I need you to lie down and don’t move or touch me, if you do, I’ll stop.” I whispered.

He nodded and laid back down on the bed.

I smiled

I gave him a gentle kiss on mouth before I went down. He was huge, I wasn’t even sure if he’d fit inside me.

“I’ve never done this before” I softly spoke.

“You don’t have to, love” he tenderly said which only hardened my resolve.

I took him in my hand and he hissed, I tightened my hold and his eyes squeezed shut. I licked the bottom and then licked his entire length. His hands fisted the sheet to stop himself before he could touch me.

“You remember what I said, good, very good, love” I teased.

His eyes opened and he looked at me with heat.

I took him till the back of my throat and started pumping his balls with my hand.

He growled, “fuck Ria, don’t stop love it feels amazing.”

I loved making him wild for me, I fastened my pace as I twirled around my tongue, he bit a few curses, “Ria Love, I’m gonna cum if you don’t want it in your mouth, you need to move away.”

I wanted it, I wanted to own Jacob just as he owned me, I wanted every inch of him, every part. I took it in till the very last drop, surprisingly I didn’t hate the taste of it. I smiled and placed a peck on his abs.

Mature content ended

I climbed on top of him and gave him a long kiss and then moved on the side.

He looked at me amazed, “I am never letting you go” he said seriously pulling my body closer to his.

I laughed

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