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Chapter 33

“I wanted to ask you something?” I said quietly.

“What is it, love?” He pulled me closer, our legs entangled.

“When you first brought me here, you said that you had known me for a while.. I never saw you before that day Jake. When and how did you meet me?” I asked quietly looking at him.

He sighed, “I was hoping you’d forget that”

My brows furrowed, “Why?”

“Because you were only 15 when I first saw you, and from the moment I saw you I was enamoured by you, but it wasn’t just your looks that made me fall in love with you. It was how you acted around people.”

“You had the qualities a queen possessed, you were kind, understanding, sweet and fierce for the people you cared about. I saw how loyal you were, to a fault even.

When you set your eyes to something, you work for it and achieve it, you are the only girl who I know is so extremely skilled in martial arts and weaponry such as sword and spear.

You are the most beautiful human, inside and out. I fell in love with every bit of you.” he said pulling me closer to him. My breath hitched as our mouths were only inches apart.

“Can I tell you a secret Jake?” I smiled with wobbly lips as I rubbed my nose against his.

His eyes squinted, “What is it?”

“And you promise not to tell anyone else?” I said intently.

“”I promise, love” now he looked a little worried.

I smiled, “I’m very glad that you abducted me that day, I can’t imagine being with anyone but you.”

His eyes darkened and he attacked my lips, dominating me wholly. My palms cupped his cheek as he settled his body between my legs.

He moved his hand over my breast twice before he finally squeezed one. I moaned arching my body from the bed wanting to be close to him.

He held me up, “Can I undress you?” He gulped as if I could ever reject him.

I cupped his cheek smiling up at him, “I’m yours, love. You can do anything you want with me, you don’t ever need my permission, with you its always a yes” I whispered repeating some of what he had said to me a little while back.

His eyes darkened, “Ria, you are everything to me baby. You are my wife. You are mine. We’ll take the vows in the chapel but that’s just a formality, I already believe-

“Shh I know! I feel the same way” I stroked his cheek, tracing his lip.

Mature content ahead people!

He untied my corset and pulled it off me, removing the corset and touching my skin simultaneously setting my body on fire. My breath hitched as he leaned his forehead against mine moving his lips from my jaw to my ear slightly biting my earlobe and sucking on it.

“Jake” I whispered my fingers stroking his hair.

He leaned back and watched my face before leaning down and kissing my forehead then my nose, when I thought he’d finally kiss me he dipped his head on the side and started sucking on my neck, “Oh god” I moaned

He kissed the top of my breasts taking his time and tenderly touching and loving me fully. The moment he started sucking my breasts while massaging the other one, I was in heaven. The feeling.. it was indescribable. My hands found his hair, pulling at it, “Jake, it feels so good baby” I moaned. He moved back and I whimpered.

“What are you doing?” I frowned

He came back with a scarf, he entwined our fingers moving my arms back and kissed me. Ikissed him back, my eyes closing as I surrendered my body to him. It was during that kiss that I didn’t notice him tying up my hands on the bed. His hands came down to my waist as he squeezed, I wanted his body closer to mine, moving my hand too encircle his neck.. I tried, my eyes snapping to the bedpost.

“What the.. what is this Jake?” I asked bewildered looking at the scarf that tied my hands to the bed.

“You think you’d torture me by not letting me touch you when you pleasure me, and I won’t return the favour?” He gave me a wolfish grin.

My eyes widened with surprise, excitement coursed through me.

“You like the idea of getting tied up, don’t you?” He smirked

My face burned as I closed my eyes

“Hey open your beautiful eyes love, do not ever be embarrassed, not infront of me. I love that you’re just as wild as I am” he winked and I laughed

He kissed above my rib cage and started moving downwards. He put my thighs on both his shoulders as he started kissing my inner thighs going both up and down making me squirm.

“Please Jake” I whimpered

His hand found my panties as I squirmed, and then there was the sound of fabric tearing, my eyes widened, “Jake” I scolded but it came out as a moan.

“I’ll get you more” that’s all he said until I felt his mouth brushing against me. My breath hitched as euphoria hit me. My eyes closed as Jake made me feel like I had never before.

I moaned trying to get my hands free so I could touch him, “Jake it fee.. it feels amazing” I moaned.

I completely lost it when he started sucking me, I tried to buck my hips when the pleasure got too intense and he pushed my body down as his hold on my hips tightened.

“Jake I need to touch you please” I said thrashing on the bed trying to get my hands free.

He gave me a wicked smirk, “uh huh no you need to endure it just like I did, love”

“Oh god” I writhed. He continued sucking the juices like a hungry wolf. I tugged my hands feeling a sensation coming over me as my walls clenched, my eyes closed as my hands fisted around the scarf. Jake inserted a finger inside of me while sucking me and my legs shook as I came, “Jake” I moaned loudly. Coming down from my ecstasy I felt Jake climb back above me kissing my neck and my collarbone as I shivered while untying my hands as I wrapped my arms around him pulling his body down on mine.

Mature content ended

​My eyes opened as I stroked his chin and my fingers tracing his lips. He was watching me with a tender look on his face,

“I love you Jake” I whispered pulling his lips on mine for a kiss, this kiss was gentle, attentive and sweet.

“I love you more than anything Ria, promise me you won’t ever leave me” he grunted but I could see the fear in his eyes. As if I ever could. Did he not realise how important he was to me? I needed him like I needed oxygen to breathe.

I smiled, “I’d rather die than live a life without you Jake. You are my life” I whispered. He closed his eyes nuzzling my head and pulling me on the side with him.

I kissed him over his heart when he pulled me on top of him and we both went to sleep with a smile.

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