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Chapter 34

“Love wake up! Ria c’mon get up!” I rolled away as I heard him trying to wake me up.

“Go away Jake! I’m tired. It got late last night.” I felt his lips graze my cheeks,

“Yeah it did.” I could hear his smile in his voice. I smiled as his lips traced my jaw down to my neck.

“Let me sleep or I’ll hurt you” even I could hear the blatant lie in my statement, he knew I’d be down for whatever he had in mind and it confirmed when I heard his throaty chuckle.

He kissed my cheek leaning back, “Wake up. As much as I’d like to stay in bed with you, and you know I do, I have to tend to some important matters today.”

I frowned, “I need sleep, you can go.” I said still not opening my eyes.

“Akira is coming to visit you today!”

My eyes snapped open and Jake laughed.

I pushed him back on the bed straddling him, “Jacob Valiant Knight, if you’re lying about this I won’t kiss you for the entire day, so choose your jokes wisely” I squinted.

His eyes narrowed, with one skilled move he switched our positions. “You’re lucky I love you or I’d hurt you.”

I rolled my eyes, yeah Jacob hurting me? So not happening.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me?” He asked.

“Yeah what are you gonna do about it? Hurt me?” I taunted

His eyes sparked as he leaned down, “Love, I know and so do you that I can’t ever hurt you. What I meant was I could hold you of something you love to get, or maybe I could give you so much.. that might just be too much pleasure for you to handle.” His hands moved down my waist as he squeezed my hips.

My eyes widened as my arms encircled his neck, “I’d be okay with that” I whispered.

He groaned, “I don’t want to go now.”

I chuckled, “Tonight” I promised.

He nodded thoughtfully, “But I know a way to wake you up real quick.”

My eyebrow raise, “Oh yeah?”

He smirked and before I could finally understand push him away he started tickling me.

“Hahah Jake stop! Jake I hate you stop it” I shrieked.

His expression darkened, “Don’t ever say it, even as a joke.” Before he could lift his body off the bed I locked my legs around his waist and my hands cupped his face, “Hey, Forgive me, I was just joking. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

He kissed my forehead and stood up, his expression still gloomy. I jumped up on him smacking his faces with kisses. My lips on him on his entire face, cheeks, nose, lips, he finally laughed laying me on bed.
“Alright alright! I’m good” he said amused.

I frowned, “Jake, you know Akira is my best friend, my only friend really. So here’s the deal, it is important that she likes you, specially considering that you tricked her when we first met and she was probably punished for it, you need to work hard.”

He looked at me amused, “I know she’s important to you, I have some duties but I’ll come back soon” he gave me a gentle kiss and left.

​A few hours later I was practically jumping from glee, Akira would be arriving anytime soon. I saw a carriage enter the gates as my smile widened.

I saw Akira getting off the carriage and I ran to her, “Akiraaa! Oh my god!” I laughed hugging her tight

“I missed you Tori” she mumbled hugging me tightly.

“Oh god, I missed you too so much! You and Victor should be close to me! I miss you both the most!” I squeezed her one more time before moving back.

“Is the Prince here?” Akira asked

“No he had some work but he’ll be back soon, I’ve told him to come straight back, I want you guys to get along. You’ll like him Akira! He’s an incredible man.” I grinned at her.

She squeezed my hand and nodded with a smile.

“Let’s go to your chambers, we have so much to discuss about.”

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