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Chapter 35

“Akira, after we left.. did something happen? You’re okay right?” I hesitantly asked

Her eyes clouded, “People were worried about you but everyone settled after the Prince and King returned. And you needn’t worry about me, I’m fine.” She smiled at me.

I could tell she wasn’t telling me the entire truth but I left it alone for now and nodded.

“Akira you are my friend and if there is anything you’d like to share with me, I’d understand..” I replied

She nodded looking like she wanted to tell me something but couldn’t.

“How is Victor? Is he okay Akira?”

She gulped, “He’s perfectly fine.” She whispered and I thought I saw a flicker of pain in her eyes.

“He misses you but that’s all I know” she gave me a tight smile.

Something was going on but-

“I’m sorry I’m late ladies! But I’m here now at your service” Jake entered.

My thoughts drifted away as my gaze found Jacob walking to me.

I smiled and hugged him getting up, he kissed me on the head, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Lady Akira”

“Just Akira is fine Prince Jacob, and the pleasure is all mine” Akira bowed.

“You are my Ria’s friend, please call me Jacob and no need for the.. other stuff” he looked a little uncomfortable.

My eyes playfully narrowed at Jake as I saw him squirm uncomfortably for the first time.

Akira and I exchanged glances and laughed.

Later that night

I was putting on my nightgown when Jake wrapped his arms around me from behind holding his chin on my shoulders.

“What are you so tense about?”

“I’m worried about Akira, I feel there’s something going on with her but she isn’t telling me. There was a time when I had thought that Vic was closer to Akira. He was so protective of her and then.. things changed so drastically that they couldn't even stand to be in the same room. I never really got to know what brought that change..” I said.

My confused gaze found his.

Jacob furrowed, “Akira seems like an intelligent girl. Your brother's not a bad man either. You need to trust them."

I gulped as I nodded, "I do."

Jake smiled at me softly and wrapped his arms around me tightly as his chin rested on my head.

I just didn't want either of them to get hurt. I sighed as I hugged Jacob back.

Next morning:

We were all gathered in the dining hall eating our breakfast when a guard arrived, “Your highness, there is a letter for Princess Victoria from her brother, Prince Victor.”

I looked excitedly at Jake as he smiled shaking his head taking the letter from the guard and passing it onto me.

I hurriedly opened the letter,

Dear Tori,

I hope you are doing good little sister. I’m glad to inform you and Prince Jacob that your wedding preparations have been completed here in the palace, the date has been set as well. The wedding will take place in our ancestral chapel by the end of next week.

We’d like to invite everyone here for a comfortable stay until the wedding takes place.

Mother and Father miss you and want to spend a little more time with you before you finally wed and leave for Dwapar Kingdom. Looking forward for you to arrive as soon as you can.



I smiled as I passed the letter to Jacob to read. His brows furrowed and then his eyes jumped to me and a huge smile washed over his face.

“What is the matter, son?” Queen Aria inquired.

“We’re getting married” he announced holding my hand.

We smiled at each other as everybody started congratulating and cheering for us.

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