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Chapter 36

“Calm down, love! We’ll be there soon” Jake said pulling me closer to him.

“Jake stop it! If you pull me any closer I’d be sitting on your lap” I chastised.

“Well that is what I’ve been trying, thanks for finally noticing my efforts.” He mused.

I hit his arm anxiously looking out the carriage.

“Love everything’s going to be fine.” he reassured.

I slumped against him resting my head on his shoulder, “I’m just worried, our families aren’t exactly best friends”

He sighed kissing my head, “That doesn’t matter as long as we have each other, they can fight all they want” he teased me

I gave him a look

He laughed, “Alright! I promise I’ll be on my best behaviour.”

“Thank you” I whispered gently kissing him

I licked my lips nervous, “There is one slight issue though”

“What?” He frowned.

“You.. you do realise we cannot sleep in the same chambers here right?”

His jaw ticked, “And why the hell not”

I held his hand, “Because we’re not married-

“I told you that this is just a formality for me, you are my wife”

My eyes warmed, “I know, love. But my parents won’t see it that way. There are already too many.. difficulties. We need to tread carefully.”

“Ria I’m not going to be sleeping without my wife under any circumstance.”

I sighed, “Jake-

The carriage stopped, I looked around and we had arrived.

The coachman opened my door, I got down and saw Victor smiling at me.

I ran to him, he caught me midway in his embrace as he laughed, “I missed you little sister.” He kissed my forehead as Jake joined us wrapping an arm around me pulling me to him.

My brother nodded at Jacob, “Good to see you, Prince Jacob”

“You are Ria’s brother, please call me Jacob.” Jake relied calmly.

I beamed at him as he squeezed my waist.

My brother looked surprised for a second, usually people like to assert their dominance by using their title, it was uncommon to let go off it.

My brother looked at me and smiled, “In that case, please call me Victor” he said to Jacob.

We heard laughter behind us as we saw Nicholas, Roselyn and Akira walking together.

“I am too! Do me the honours of saying yes to me Lady Akira, think about it, you’d always be near Victoria too, it is just an added bonus to a cherry deal yeah?” Nicholas winked at Akira.

Akira blushed.

“Akira did not travel with you Tori?” Victor’s voice boomed.

I saw Akira’s eye widening before I turned back to Victor.

Before I could reply, Nicholas said, “I asked Lady Akira to join me and Roselyn on our coach, she gracefully agreed to my request, I hope that’s alright Prince Victor.”

Victor’s face hardened and he gave a curt nod.

“Sweetheart” I turned to look at my mother who stood at the entrance teary eyed.

“Mother” my eyes watered as I hugged her.

“Are you all right?” she whispered softly to me.

“I am good, I missed you.” I hugged her tightly.

“I missed you too, sweet girl.” my mother squeezed me before letting me go.

“Where is papa?” I asked as Jake joined us.

“There was an emergency, he had to leave but he’ll be back by dinner.” She smiled at me.

I frowned, “Oh alright.”

I looked at Jake and smiled, “Mother I want you to meet Jacob. He is the incredible man I’m going to marry” I grinned.

“Queen Sophia, it is an honour to meet you.” Jake said.

My mother looked solemn but then smiled, “It is a pleasure, Prince Jacob.”

I looked at Jake as his brow furrowed sensing tension as well. I entwined our fingers holding his hand.

“King Harry and Queen Aria would be joining us in a few days, they had some obligations to take care of.” I mentioned.

“Oh that’s alright.” She uttered.

My eyes moved to Jake as I sensed his discomfort.

“Mother, I’ll take Jake with me, I want to show him a few things around.” I said.

My mother tightly nodded and I entered the palace with Jake.

I looked around and I smiled as a sense of familiarity washed over me.

“C’mon I wasn’t lying when I said I had a lot of things to show you, we’ll start with the gardens, I love our gardens, they’re so pretty and they have roses. I absolutely love roses.” I giddily said as we moved across the hallway.

He wrapped his arms around me while pecking my cheek, “We’ll get roses for Dwapar if you love them so much”

“Thank you!” I beamed at him. I kissed his neck and playfully bit him a little while he looked at me heatedly.

“Calm your horses, we’re at Kuru, nothing of what you’re thinking is going to happen here.” I mused.

“I’ll be fine as long as I have you in my arms” he said tenderly.

“Princess! Welcome back.” William our gardener called.

“Come, I’ll introduce you to him” I said while pulling Jake in William’s direction.

“Hello William! How have you been?”

“I’ve been good princess! How have you been, it has been so long!” William stated.

“I’ve been better than good, I want you to meet my to be husband, Prince Jacob, Jake this is William, he’s been our royal gardener since me and Vic were little kids” I stated.

“It is an honour to meet you Prince” William bowed.

“The garden is beautiful, it’s very good to meet you.” Jake gave a small smile.

William beamed, “Thank you sir!”

“We’ll take our leave, William, I need to show Jacob some places” I smiled.

We bid our goodbyes to William and left.

“Where are we going now?” Jacob asked as we roamed around.

“Well I was thinking maybe I could take you to the great hall, or maybe the chapel where we’re going to get married” I grinned.

“Hm both sound great but you know what’s even better?” He asked earnestly.

My brows furrowed, “What?”

“Your bed chambers” he smirked.

I laughed, “You’re corrupting me Jake, I’m not sure my family would appreciate that.”

“Who cares what your family appreciates.” he quipped.

I pinched his arm, “Behave! And now we are going to the Great hall until you become respectful.”

“I respect you. That’s enough” he winked

I shook my head, “You’re incorrigible”

“Victoria” an elated voice interrupted.

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