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Chapter 37

Our head snapped to the intruder,

“Mica?” I asked smiling

Mica came closer and took my hand for a kiss. My eyes widened, he’s always greeted me like this but, my head shot to Jake who had his eyes narrowed at Mica.

I took my hand out Mica’s hold and put both my arms around Jake’s arm, “Mica it’s a pleasant surprise, I’d like you to meet my husband to be, Prince Jacob.”

Mica’s smiled dropped a little before he composed himself, “Good to meet you Prince Jacob”

I felt Jacob's body tense a little.

“Jake, this is Mica, he is the son of father’s really close friend. His father is Lord Kale, you might’ve heard of him.” I looked up at Jacob.

“Also your childhood friend” Mica added

“Of course” Jake curtly replied.

I frowned.

“I wish we could stay and talk but I need to show Jacob a few places, I think we should take our leave” I smiled kindly.

“No problem, your father has invited us to dinner, so I’ll see you then” he smiled at me

“We will” Jake rudely replied.

I took Jake away with me before anything else could be said or done.

“What just happened?” I asked confused

“Who was that?” He fumed

“I told you already, weren’t you listening?” I frowned

“Yeah I listened real good when he said he was your childhood friend and kissed your hand” he hissed

“That is just how he greets me Jake, he’s been doing this since we were kids” I said nonchalantly.

“Not helping Ria.” He raged.

I sighed.

I took a hold of his hand taking him to my chambers.

“Okay now calmly tell me what’s going on with you?”

“He kissed you”

“He kissed my hand not me and you know this is a basic etiquette, royals sometimes greet each other like this.”

“Oh so you’d be okay if I went around kissing other princesses hands?”

My jaw ticked but I understood his point.

I closed my eyes to take a breath, Jake still looked like he wanted to kill Mica, I pulled him closer to me wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think of it that way, and you’re right it’s not a good image. Forgive me? Next time we meet I’ll tell him to not touch me, alright?” I looked tenderly at him.

He held me tight and nodded.

My eyes narrowed, “What else is bothering you?”

He sighed, “Why did he say you were childhood friends, and you didn’t tell me you had a.. friend who kisses your hand and..” his jaw ticked.

I tried not to smile, Jake was cute when he was jealous.

“Well, I didn’t say anything because he’s not my friend per se. As children we were always put together because of how close our fathers are, and he kisses my hand because.. I guess his mother always told him to greet ladies that way, he used to kiss Akira’s hands too until he.. huh until he suddenly stopped, weird!” My brows furrowed.

I shook my head, “My point is, it meant nothing. And now that I know you don’t like it, I’ll tell him to stop, end of story”

He finally relaxed and nodded as he kissed my head.

“Now go wash your hands” he said.

I laughed and kissed his nose.


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