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Chapter 3

“Sweetheart I’ll see you in the morning, get some sleep” my mother said

“Good night mumma” I replied going to my chambers.

I entered my chambers,
“Akira what are you doing here?”

“Tori you know I’m worried about you moving to some other kingdom, I just wanted to meet you before you go away” she said looking worried.

“Akira you do not need to worry, you know the groom would be of my choice, it is my decision and you’ll soon be joining me there anyway!” I smi

Her eyes dimmed a little but before she could reply, Victor barged into the room.

“Torii!” Victor hesitated seeing Akira in my room.

Akira bristled. I paused sensing some tension between them.

“I’ll see you in the morning Princess” “Prince” she bowed and left.

“What was that?” I questioned Victor

“Tori you shouldn’t be chatting with the maid” his jaw ticked.

“You know we’ve been together since we were children, Akira is my friend and if I remember correctly you used to be close to her once”

He tensed.

“What happened Vic?” I softly asked.

He said affectionately, “Nothing you need to be worried about little sister, I just wanted to come to you before the ceremony, I’m always here for you Tori, no matter what. I love you, this place will always be your home, remember that.”

My eyes watered “I love you big brother and I’m here for you always. You can talk to me” I squeezed his hand hoping he’d understand what I meant.

He hugged me, “One day” he whispered.
We reminisced about our childhood, soon he left for his chambers and told me to go to sleep.
I lay awake till morning with nerves flustering me.

After all the day had finally arrived, I was to be wedded today.

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