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Chapter 38

“See, my hands are now Mica free” I teased coming back from the washroom.

His eyes narrowed as he lunged at me pushing me on the bed.

“JAKEE!” I laughed

He bit my earlobe, “Not funny, Ria”

“Really? I thought it was a little funny.” I laughed

My laughter increased when he started tickling me, “Fine I’ll stop, just st… stop tickling me ja.. Jake” I laughed as he stared gently at me.

“You know what I just realised” he said rubbing our noses together.

“What?” I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck

“We are finally in your chambers” he leaned kissing my neck.

“Jake we.. we can’t” I moaned

He chuckled, “Yes we can, we just need to be a little discreet.” He nipped my collarbone.

I shivered, “Jake” I moaned louder.

“Love, you need to be quiet for discretion.” He said amused.

Someone knocked on my door.

“Oh my god” I pushed Jake on the side as I tried to fix my dress and clothes.

I gave Jake the stink eye while he looked amused,

“Come in” I spoke.

Nicholas came into the room, “I was wondering if you could join me for a walk in the park brother, I was a little.. bored” he looked at me sheepishly.

I hid a smile.
“Actually I’m busy with Ria-

“No he’s not! Take him with you, I also need to talk to Vic.” I narrowed my eyes at Jacob.

I bent to his face, “Behave yourself Jake, you’re getting wilder if its even possible” I whispered so only Jake could hear me.

“I don’t hear you complaining, love” he smiled.

I couldn’t hold back my smile as I shook my head at him and left the brothers together to go find mine.

I was looking for Vic when I saw him caging Akira against a wall angrily, I saw a tear drop out of Akira’s eye, when I shouted, “What in the heavens are you doing Victor?”

Victor head shot to me, while Akira pushed her tears away quickly.

I walked to them pulling Akira away from Victor.

“What were you doing Victor, did you not see how hurt she looked, did you not see her tears? What were you even saying to her?”

“Tori, Prince wasn’t doing anything to me, I swear. I’m completely fine” Akira said softly to me.

My brows furrowed, “Vic?” I sternly asked

“Prince Nicholas was flirting with her, I just told her to stay away from the likes of him.” He said

“Nick likes you?” I asked Akira softly.

“He just.. he showed an interest to court me.. I didn’t..” she fumbled.

“Akira if you like him and he likes you, don’t hold back because of me.. I mean if that is why you are avoiding him then don’t. Nick is a good man, he’ll be good to you” I softly said.

“Plus you and I will stay closer to each other” I teased.

“Stop filling her head with nonsense Victoria. He’s a Prince he can’t be with a mere maid.”

Akira flinched and I glared at Victor, “Well I guess then it’s a good thing Nick doesn’t give a shit about these things. And you shouldn’t either, brother.” I raged.

Victor gulped and regret filled his eyes when he saw a tear drop out of Akira’s eye.

We heard a commotion, we turned to Jacob and Nicholas coming towards us laughing at something.

When Jake saw the look on my face his brows furrowed. Nick followed his gaze, but his eyes went to Akira and I saw his jaw tick. Looked like Nicholas really did like Akira.

I squeezed Akira’s hand.

“Love, is everything okay?”

“I’m good, you guys are going to the gardens, right?”

“Yeah, something happen?” Jake asked concerned.

“Nothing, why don’t you take Akira with you, I need to discuss some matters with my brother.

Jake why don’t you go get Roselyn, she could join you too. Meanwhile, Nick could accompany Akira?”

Nick’s eyes slid to me as his face lit up, “Yes of course. Brother you should go get Rose. Let’s go Akira?” He offered Akira his arm.

Akira’s gaze slid to Victor and hardened, she squeezed my hand and went to Nicholas who looked like a kid with his favourite toy as they left.

Jake looked at me hesitant to leave.

“I’ll come to you after here” I said as he nodded and left with a peck on my head.

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