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Chapter 39

“What’s going on Vic?” I asked

“Why would you send Akira with HIM?” He looked disheveled as he rubbed his face in tension.

“Vic why would you not want Akira to court Nicholas? She doesn’t have anyone here who wants to court her, although for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.. she’s going to leave with me anyway after my wedding-

“Why would she leave with you?” He asked as his eyes widened.

“Well like you just pointed out that she’s a maid, mother did too a little while back. She said Akira will be leaving with me when I leave after the wedding. I didn’t object.. well because I love mumma but she is incredibly mean towards Akira for some unknown reason and I didn’t want her mistreated after I left. Considering you aren’t friends with her anymore, I knew no one here would look after her.”

“I will look after her, she’s not leaving with you Tori, get that thought out of your head.”

My eyes widened, Vic didn’t sound normal, “You need to tell me what’s going on, otherwise I can’t help you or even Akira, Victor” I said softly.

“You need to let this one go Tori, this isn’t important right now. You should go to Jacob and meet him before father arrives, I don’t think he’d like it if you spent your time with Jacob when he comes back”

I knew he was trying to divert my attention but I let it go for now.

I hugged Victor before I looked him in the eye intently, “Let me be there for you, big brother. You always stand by me and I will always stick with you. I’m going to wait for the time when you come and tell me about you and Akira, whatever it is. I promise I won’t ask you again until you come to me yourself.”

His eyes widened a tad bit, enough for me to notice as he gulped. He nodded and kissed me on the forehead as he walked away.

I walked to the gardens in search of Jacob. I needed him to hold me right now, I was so worried about Victor, I didn’t even know how to help him. I wanted to be there for him just like he’s always been there for me.

Jake saw me coming and in three strides his arms were around me pulling me to him.

He frowned, “What’s wrong?”

“I need you” I whispered resting my head on his chest holding him tight.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and took me our chambers.

“What happened Ria? Talk to me.” He cupped my face.

“I just.. I’m worried about Vic” I softly whispered.

“I don’t even know what’s wrong, he won’t tell me. We need to wait until he decides to…”

He gently kissed my pulse on the neck, “Your brother’s a wise man, he’ll talk to you when he’s ready. Stop worrying yourself.”

I nodded, “I wanted to spend some time with you before father came, he’ll want me to spend my time with him after he’s returned.”

“Well I’m glad you came, now we can continue where we left off” he gave me a grin.

I shook my head at him, “Before you get.. distracted I need to ask you something. Do you think Nicholas likes Akira?”

He frowned, “I’m not sure. Why?”

I gulped, “Do you think if they like each other and things escalate further, your family would agree to their wedding… Akira’s not a royal born and..”

He raised an eyebrow at me, “You know me Ria, I would support them, do you think Akira..-

“No, I’m just assuming.. I don’t want Akira to get hurt if she ever gets involved with Nicholas.”

He nodded.

My head tilted to the side looking at him, I straddled his lap.

“Jake I don’t want to fight but you cannot sleep with me tonight. If father finds out-

“Ria I’m not sleeping-

“Please! Do it for me.” I whispered stroking his hair at the back of his neck.

His jaw clenched but he nodded nonetheless.

I gave him a small smile kissing his lips, “Thank you”

“Princess, your father has arrived” a maid knocked on the door informing us.

“Alright, you may leave. We’ll be there.” I replied.

Trying to get up when Jake’s hold on me momentarily tightened.

I sat back down on his lap, “I love you Jake, always.” I fiercely told him.

His body relaxed.

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