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Chapter 40

Jacob’s POV.

Victoria held my hand while we entered the great hall to meet her father.

“Sunshine!” His father happily called out but I saw his eyes narrow at our hands.

Victoria squeezed my hand as she went to her father’s arms to give him a hug.

“Papa! It’s so good to see you.” She smiled.

“You too, Victoria.” He lovingly patted her head.

She took my hand as she brought me closer to her, “You know Jacob.” She smiled at him.

His father tightly smiled at me, “Of course!”

“It is good to meet you again, King Harry.” I nodded at him.

“Father, I’d like you to meet Prince Nicholas and Princess Roselyn” Ria introduced them as they entered the hall.

Her father smiled and nodded, “Hope you all have settled comfortably” he said.

“Yes, thank you for your hospitality, your highness” Roselyn replied smiling.

“We should all now head to the dining hall” King Harry’s eyes sparkled.

My eyes narrowed as I entwined my fingers with Ria pulling her closer to me.

As we entered the dining hall, I realised why King Harry looked so cheery.

Mica and his father, Lord Kale sat waiting for us.

My grip on Ria’s hand tightened as Mica rose from his seat coming to us with giddy excitement.

My jaw ticked.

Before he could reach for her hand, Ria’s hand came to my arm holding my muscle while her other hand held mine.

She smiled at him and I wanted to break his fucking jaw, “Good evening Duke Mica, you don’t need to leave your seat to greet us, you are our guest after all”

“I just wanted to greet you Victoria.” He replied ignorant.

“I would appreciate if you don’t continue with that protocol anymore Duke Mica, I don’t think it’s appropriate now that I’m betrothed to Prince Jacob.” She politely declined.

“But.. But we’re friends, that shouldn’t be a problem right.” He stuttered trying to convince her as my fist clenched.

“Our fathers are friends, we just happen to know each other. But I cannot allow it as I wouldn’t feel comfortable with Prince Jacob continuing the protocol either, it’s only fair I bide by my own morals. I hope you understand.” She smiled and took a seat next to Victor, pulling me on her other side.

I sat with a smug smile when Ria pecked my cheek and started chatting with Roselyn and Akira.

I looked at her father and Mica who sat dejected by the other end of the table.

She’s mine as I’m hers.

Victoria’s pov.

I rolled on the bed unable to sleep, these past few days I didn’t realise the hold Jake made over me. I couldn’t even sleep without him anymore.

I huffed sitting up as I looked around my chambers.

I tied a robe to my body as I exited my chambers looking around to make sure nobody was around.

I sneaked into Jake’s chambers his face snapped to me when I locked the door.

“I couldn’t sleep..” I blushed looking at him

He covered our distance with three quick strides taking me for a kiss, “Thank god, I was just about to come to you..” He whispered.

I relaxed but narrowed my eyes at him, “I can’t even sleep without you anymore, what have you done to me” I said.

He smiled at me, “I can’t even breathe without you love, and you’re complaining about sleeping?”

My breath hitched.

I pulled his lips down to mine as I bit his lip, he carried me to the bed laying me down.

He started kissed down my neck untying my robe as I laid there in my nightwear.

Mature content ahead

He licked his lips looking down at me as his hands cupped my breast.

My head tilted back as he nipped at my neck and I moaned.

I pulled his robe off as he continued kissing my chest and licking my teat.

My head rolled back as my eyes shut when he started sucking my breasts, while his fingers found his way under my panties.

My body jolted as he entered two of his fingers inside me.

“You’re so wet” he growled against my neck.

He sucked my breast and pumped his fingers in and out when I reached out to stroke his already hard member, he hissed.

I squeezed him a little and started massaging him harder as he continued pumping his fingers inside me.

“JAKEE!” I moaned louder as his lips descended on mine to swallow my moans as his eyes shut.

My legs shook and I massaged him harder,

We both came hard and together when he rested his forehead on mine, our breathing hard.

I stroked his cheek my breathing heavy.

Mature content ended

He rolled to his side pulling me with him and turning his body to mine.

“How can you be so damn beautiful?” He rasped.

“I love you” I whispered my hand on his heart.

He kissed my palm and pulled me tightly against him.

I heard a whisper, “I love you more than life” as I dosed off with a smile.

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