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Chapter 41

I was running, gasping looking around for an escape in the dark forest.

I heard footsteps getting closer to me as I tried looking back my foot struck a rock tripping me as I was falling down-

My eyes snapped open as I loudly called, “Jake!”

My forehead sweaty and eyes wild I looked around me.

“Love what happened?” Jake looked around and then back at me worried when he saw my state.

“I…. You… I was…” I stuttered my eyes wide.

“Shh! Calm down, tell me what happened? Did you have a bad dream?”, we were both still naked underneath our sheets from last night.

My eyes closed for a second, “I had the same dream again, they stopped when you met me I just..”

He calmed a little pulling me closer to him, “Tell me what you saw”

“It’s never clear, its foggy, I’m always running away from someone in the forest looking for an escape.. every time there is more, this time I tripped and I was falling I just.. I woke up calling out for you..”I shook my head, “What if this is an omen, Jake? A sign that something bad is going to happen?” He pulled my face to his.

“Calm down, love! It’s just a dream, I’ll protect you, nothing will happen I promise” he kissed my neck.

I moved closer to him feeling safe.

I moved my nose across his neck inhaling his scent, “I know! I know I’m safe with you. I can’t lose you Jake.”

His hold tightened, “You won’t” he promised.

The next morning when I woke up, Jake’s arm was tightly wrapped around me with his breath tickling my neck. I carefully got out of his hold trying not to wake him up, he stayed up with me last night when I couldn’t go back to sleep, he must be tired.

I went back to my chambers quickly before anyone could notice me missing.

I got dressed and went to the grounds for practise with father.

“Good morning papa” I smiled up to him.

He turned to me surprised, “I wasn’t sure you’d come today.. considering how much you’ve changed.”

I stilled. “Just because I love Jacob doesn’t mean I don’t love you papa, it would mean a lot to me if you could just give him a chance, he’s a good man.”

My father’s jaw clenched but then his eyes softened at me, “Fine. I will give him an honest chance.” He reluctantly said.

I hugged him, “Thank you papa!”

I moved back a little when I saw Mica coming to us, my brows furrowed.

“Princess” Mica bowed.

I looked at father in question, “Today your sparring partner would be Mica” father exclaimed.

My eyes widened.

Jacob’s pov.

Jacob’s POV.

I smiled extending my arm to pull Victoria to me when my hand landed on the cold sheets, my eyes shot open.

I looked around when I realised she must have left.

I was happy she came to me last night, I couldn’t imagine sleeping without her anymore.

I quickly showered and got dressed to go look for her.

I remembered she told me that used to train with her father, so I headed to the grounds.

My fist clenched when I saw her sparring with Mica.

I saw how smitten he was with her, why was she sparring with him?

Then I saw her father glowing at the sides and I wanted to throttle him along with Mica.

I saw how skilfully Victoria pushed him back and ended the session by putting the sword at Mica’s neck. I wanted her to actually behead him.

When she saw me standing her face lit up and she ran straight into my arms, wrapping her arms around my neck pulling me to her.

“When did you get here?” She whispered

“When you were sparring with that good for nothing Duke”

She laughed under her breath and moved back her head to look at me, “I’m sorry, father-

“I know” I squeezed her waist.

She tilted her head, “You’ve showered! Let go of me, I’m sweaty.”

I leaned down and licked her neck as she shivered, “I don’t mind, in fact I have a few ways to get the both of us sweaty” I huskily whispered

“Jake” she moaned closing her eyes.

My eyes slid to where Mica stood a few feet away with his jaw clenched. I smirked.

Showing him who she belongs to, I leaned down kissing her lips as she opened her mouth for me.

She moved back a little holding her head at my chest, “My father’s here” she whispered breathlessly

I kissed her head, “Let’s go to him” I said.

“Good morning King Harry!”

He nodded, “Good morning Prince Jacob, I hope you understand I have some important work to take care of, I would not be able to join you for breakfast.”

“I do, I’ll wait for Ria to get ready, then we’ll eat together.”

He nodded and patted Ria telling her she did a good job as he left.

“Did you like my sparring skills?” Ria asked hopefully.

“I loved it! We’ll have to practise together sometime.”

Her eyes lit up, “Yes please!” I laughed at her enthusiasm.

“Ria, you were very good” a voice interrupted.

Both of us stilled.

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