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Chapter 42

Jacob’s POV

I wanted to bash fucking Mica’s head in the ground.

“What did you just call her?” I gritted.

His eyes widened when he looked at me.

“Victor didn’t like when I called her Tori, I thought Ri-

“Don’t you fucking call her that.” My fist clenched as I moved forward.

Ria held my arm, when my face snapped at her. She entwined our fingers, “Duke Mica, I’d appreciate if you call me Princess Victoria from now on. We know each other because of our fathers, we’re not really friends and I’m to be wedded soon. I think you should understand that neither I nor my husband would appreciate such.. behaviour.” She rebuked him.

“But Victoria you are forgetting I wanted to marry you, we could have been married if this, Prince Jacob hadn’t abducted you.” He angrily said.

I got out of Ria’s hold and lunged on Mica, punching his face as his mouth cut open.

“Jake! Jake stop you’ll kill him!” She shouted as I continued hitting him.

“That is my intent, Ria” I growled.

Strong arms pulled me back as Ria launched herself onto my body and wrapped herself around me.

“I understand your anger Jacob, but you should leave with Victoria right now, I’ll make sure Duke gets the message that my sister is yours.” Victor spoke hotly.

“Ria let go of me, I need to-

“Please, love! I know. But I need you with me right now” her hold on me tightened

I looked down at her, trying to disengage her body from mine to go kill Mica when she pulled my face down to hers.

She kissed me urgently coaxing me to open my mouth as her tongue entered my mouth and I lost all my thoughts.

Only Ria mattered.

She pulled back a little but I could still feel her breath on mine, “You need to do something, love. Take me away before I kill the bastard.”

She licked her lips as she took my hand in hers and took me away with her.

Victoria’s pov.

We entered my chambers while I looked for bandages.

“You hurt yourself” I frowned as I tended to his fists.

“I’m not hurt” he said pulling me on his lap.

“Jake let me-

“Love why did he say you could’ve been married to him?” He asked furiously

I sighed.

I cupped his cheeks, “I wasn’t going to marry him, he was just one of the many who was suppose to be present during my swayamvara. He probably thought that because I knew him from before and his father’s close to mine I would’ve chosen him”

“Why would he think that?” His jaw ticked.

“Because I only knew him, Jake” I said frustrated.

“That did give him an edge, but that was before I fell in love with you and I’m not even sure if I still would’ve chosen him.”

He looked at me stoic.

“No! Do not look at me that way. I have been faithful to you, you saw I told him off right away. And how is it my fault that he likes me?

And don’t you forget that you are the only one I’ve been intimate with, which is more than what I can say about you.” I replied fuming at him

He flipped me over and loomed over me, “Why love? Do you wish to have more experience?” He scornfully said.

“Stop! Stop right there Jacob. Stop before you say something you’ll regret.”

His fist clenched as he strode by the window angrily.

I walked to him after a moment hugging him from behind. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have brought up other girls, I just need you trust me when I say that he’s nothing to me. You are everything I’ll ever need Jake.” I kissed his shoulder.

He sighed as he turned to face me, “I know Ria, I do trust you. It’s him I don’t trust.

We’re fine just please don’t talk to him anymore.”

“Of course Jake! I wouldn’t even look at him, I swear.” I kissed his nose.

He picked me up and sat me on his lap.

Mature content ahead

I started playing with his hair when he moved his hand down bringing my gown to my waist as he moved his fingers around my inner thigh casually stroking my panties.

My breathing grew wild as he removed my panties slowly.

I licked my lips when he brushed his fingers against me and started playing around with his fingers while sucking on my neck, my head rolled back on his shoulder giving him more access.

“Jake c’mon” I whimpered.

“I love how wet you are” he smirked still lightly stroking my lips lightly, his thumb pressing down on my clit.

I growled pushing him back on the bed while placing my bare pussy above his member.

His eyes widened as I started rubbing myself on him as he grew hard under me. I took off his coat and shirt as I kissed down his chest.

His hold on my hips tightened, I was sure it would leave his fingerprints and I aroused at the thought.

I closed my eyes as our moaning grew louder. I clamped my lips on his as our tongues fought for dominance before I surrendered opening my mouth for him. My hands fumbled with the button of his trousers as I released his member and then rubbed my bare pussy on him. He hissed shutting his eyes, “Fuck that feels good.”

“Oh my god, Jake” I said as I rocked my hips harder increasing the friction between us as we moaned, I bit down his shoulder to stifle my scream as we came. He growled rolling us over as our positions switched.

Jake looks at me while I controlled my breathing.

Mature content ended.

“Hey look at that I really did make you sweat” I teased caressing his neck.

He looked at me tenderly, “I don’t deserve you but I am never going to let you go” he said.

“You do, more than you know. And I’m glad you won’t because this here is mine and so are you.” I said putting my hand over his chest above his heart.

“All of me is yours, forever.” He said kissing me.

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