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Chapter 43

I was preparing so that I could sneak into Jake’s chambers tonight again, him coming to me wouldn’t be safe. Anyone could enter my chambers in my family, and that wasn’t something I wanted to happen. I want things to happen as smoothly as possible.

I exited my chambers as I looked around to check if someone was around when a hand covered my mouth pulling me to a chest. My eyes widened as I thrashed around to push this person away from me.

“Calm down Princess” a voice whispered

My body tensed recognising Mica’s voice. What the hell was he trying to do? Did he want Jake to kill him?

I realised he was trying to get me out of the palace when he started walking while I struggled to get out of his hold.

I bumped a few vases but Mica was physically stronger than me and got me out of the palace as a carriage awaited.

My jaw ticked as I felt my blood boiling.

The moment he removed his hand from my mouth, I shouted, “JAKEE!”

“Shut it!” He hissed at me


I shouted louder.

He threw me into the carriage, and started the carriage before I could do something.

I threw my fists at him but he hit me with something and I lost consciousness.

“Jake” I whispered as everything went black.

Jacob’s pov.

Jacob’s POV.

My gut was churning as I waited for Ria in my chambers.

Something was wrong, I just felt it.

Ria was taking too long but I couldn’t wait anymore. I know she doesn’t want me to come to her chambers but I can’t take it anymore.

As I left my chambers I felt a little peculiar but when I reached Ria’s chambers and saw vases lying on the ground my movements became quicker as I barged into Ria’s chamber.

I couldn’t find her, dammit. I should have gone with my gut, I shouldn’t have listened to her.

As I was running towards the garden I heard a scream.




My blood ran cold as I ran to the palace gates where I saw.. fucking Mica riding a carriage. I couldn’t see Ria with him but I knew the bastard had taken her.

I found a horse and rode to the direction Mica went to, praying to God to lead me to Victoria.

Victoria’s pov.

My eyes opened and I was laying in a barn. I saw Mica standing in the corner talking to somebody. I didn’t have a lot of time.

I needed to find something to protect me from this lunatic.

At a little distance I could see a little piece of sharp glass.

“You should’ve chosen me Princess and you’ll see reason when you’re kept away from that useless Prince, he abducted you and kept you to himself, you had no other choice but to love him. You’ll love me too” he smiled maniacally walking close to me.”

“He never kept me to himself, I was free to roam around and interact with others, unlike you. He never really behave liked an abductor, which is why I fell in love with him. He understands and respects me. You on the other hand, I wouldn’t love you even if you were the last human alive. Jake is a warrior, he’s indestructible which is why you didn’t fight him, you had to kidnap me. You are a coward.” I sneered.

“I have ways to make you mine, you need to know that even Prince Jacob wouldn’t want you after that” he said when he tried touching my waist before I slapped his hand away.

“You.. you filthy man. I realise now why you would need to force a woman, because no woman with dignity and brains would choose your sorry ass” I snipped at him.

His face became furious as he took a swing at me splitting my lip, “You need some manners, Princess” he hissed.

“How dare you” I said as I launched the glass into his leg.

He screamed like a banshee.

“You aren’t even a warrior, I wouldn’t have ever chosen you, I would rather choose death.” I mocked as I ran out to get out of this god forbidden place.

I looked around in the middle of the forest, looking for an exit out of this place so that I could reach the palace.

I started hyperventilating as I ran in the forest looking for an escape, this was exactly like the dream I had been having.

Except for this time, it wasn’t really a dream. Oh god I so wished I could just wake up in Jake’s arms and end this horrid dream.

I could hear footsteps behind me as I ran faster when suddenly I felt something under my feet and I tripped.

Screaming, “Jake!”

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