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Chapter 44

I closed my eyes waiting for my fall before arms held me, holding me close to a body I knew too well.

His warmth and scent surrounded me as I felt safe, I felt at home.

I sighed as my fingers clenched his shirt into my fists.

“You’re here” I whispered.

He stroked my cheeks stoically and brushed my lips with his fingers as I flinched when my lip hurt.

His body stilled as his eyes narrowed at my split lip, the split that happened because Mica had slapped me.

I saw as anger lit his eyes and his gaze followed Mica.

Mica was already backing off looking at Jacob with wide eyes. As his eyes then moved to me pleading but I wouldn’t get him out of this mess, not that Jacob was going to stop even if I asked him to. No, this Mica had created for himself.

Jacob didn’t have any weaponry on him but he launched himself on Mica with fist on his jaw and punching him on the jaw. Some of the previous wounds Jake had inflicted on Mica drew open as the fight went on.

Jacob kicked Mica on the stomach before Mica finally dropped to the ground.

I watched as Jacob turned to me and was coming to me before he got hit on the back by something as his steps to me halted.

I ran to him when I saw a smile on Mica’s bloodied face.

My arms went around Jacob as he grunted and fell on his knees.

I saw a dagger struck on his back, as my eyes widened and mouth fell open.

“Jake! Love!” I whispered as a tear fell out of my eye.

“He doesn’t look indestructible to me from here” Mica said as he stood on wobbly legs.

I glared at him as I took the dagger out of Jacob’s back, his hold on my arm tightened a bit.

My jaw clenched when I realised he got stabbed because of me and I stood getting out of his hold.

I started walking to Mica when I heard Jake shout, “What are you doing Victoria? Come back here.”

I kept walking until I stood directly infront of Mica.

“Did you finally realise that you made the wrong choice, Princess?” Mica said looking deranged.

“I did make a wrong choice, but it wasn’t choosing Jacob.” I said as I stabbed Mica on his lower abdomen.

He screamed as I twisted the knife while it was still inside of him, “My wrong choice was stabbing you on your leg and sparing your damned life. You really shouldn’t have hurt Jacob, I might have had let you live. But now, there’s not a chance.” I disdained.

“VICTORIA! Let him go.” I saw as my father suddenly arrived with his eyes wide open.

I saw Jacob stand from his position as he-

“No Jake! You won’t stop me” I said shaking my head.

He stopped but I saw him clench his fist.

“Victoria, let him go. Mica is your childhood friend.” My father said furiously.

“This man is not my friend father, he never was. I had been cordial with him because of your relationship with his father but not anymore” I declared twisting the knife once more as Mica fell onto his knees.

“He hurt my Jacob and he had the audacity to abduct your daughter from your palace.” My eyes narrowed as I took the knife out and raised it again to end his miserable life-

“I told him to” my father rushed.

My hands tensed as I turned my glare to my father.

“What?” I uttered as my face paled.

“I told him to take you away before you could marry-

I saw Mica trying to stand up from the corner of my eye when I turned to him and slit his throat as he sputtered and his blood spilt down his neck onto his clothes. He fell on the floor dead.

“What… what did you do..” My father stuttered.

“Nothing you need to be so surprised about, I did what you taught me to” I said impassively.

I walked to Jacob throwing the knife away, taking his hand in mine, “Where’s your horse?” I asked.

He led me to the horse. I straddled the horse and he got behind me as I rode the horse back to the palace.

I saw Victor on the horse riding with Akira when I called out, “Show’s over brother, ride back to the palace.”

He stopped his horse but I didn’t.

I rode to the palace and got down before storming off to my chambers with Jacob.

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