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Chapter 45

Jacob’s POV.

I knew this was killing her. Not hurting Mica, I had realised she’d kill him when she dislodged that knife from my back. But her father.. I wanted to throttle him and fucking murder him for putting her through this.

Victor and Akira barged into the room, “Tori what’s going on-

“We need to leave, you need to gather Nicholas and Rose and we need to leave. Now.”


“Did you know about this brother?” She asked scornfully.

I knew betrayal was cutting her down but I didn’t want her to say something to her brother that she might regret later.

“He didn’t do anything Ria, you’d realise that if you weren’t so furious right now.” I said.

Her glower turned to me before her eyes softened, “Akira you need to get me bandages, Jake’s hurt.” Her eyes watered.

Akira nodded hastily and ran out of the chambers.

“Tori tell me” Victor softly asked.

“Father asked Mica to abduct me” she spoke stoically.

“He did what?” Victor fumed

Akira ran back with a box in hand, Victoria took the box from her, “I need you to leave right now, both of you. I need to aid to Jacob.”

“Of course” Akira said delicately and led a reluctant Victor out of the chambers.

“You need to take off your shirt”


“You’re right you can’t, you’re hurt. I’ll do it” she said as she started unbuttoning my buttons, her hands shaking.

She took off my shirt as she pushed me down to sit, I tried pulling her to me but she shook my hands off her, “pleas.. please I.. I need to” she stuttered.

My jaw clenched but I let her continue.

She put alcohol on my wound as I hissed, I could her her sharp intake of breath as I tried controlling mine.

It hurt like a bitch but I couldn’t let her know it, I knew she was blaming herself.

She put bandage on my wound, I pulled her to me, “I need to get you water-

“I’m fine, love” I interrupted

“No, no you need some water-

“Look at me, all I need is you” I pulled her chin to me gently.

Her tears spilled looking at me as she shook her head, “This.. this happened because of me. I..-

“Stop! Stop blaming yourself for something you didn’t do” I corrected her.

“But.. how can you say that Jake.. my father.. I can’t believe my father would do this to me.. to you.. you know he had agreed.. he pro- promised he’d give you an honest chance for me.. he.. he lied” she hiccuped.

I pulled her into my arms as she cried. My hold on her tightened as I heard her sobs.

King Liam barged into the chambers with Victor and Akira behind him trying to stop him.

He halted when he saw Victoria crying in my arms, “I taught you how to fight to defend yourself, Mica wasn’t a threat to you. What good is this Prince if he can’t even protect you?”

Victoria stilled hearing her father, her face stoic as she turned to her father, “What did you just say?” She uttered quietly.

“I said-

“You are nothing to me.” Victoria shouted.

“So please, keep your opinions to yourself. Not only did you break your promise to me, you tried sending me off with someone against my will. That is unacceptable behaviour." she yelled at her father as his eyes widened. "Since you are so keen about my safety and my defence, do you want to know what that man was doing to me while you were hiding or were you sitting there watching it happen? I saw him talking to someone when I woke up, after he had hit me and I lost consciousness. Tell me King Liam, did you tell your duke to backhand me and threaten me with rape for your sick motives.” She screamed as all of our faces paled.

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