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Chapter 46

“What?” Akira softy asked as tears gathered in her eyes.

I laughed mockingly, “Yes Akira! My father who I thought loved me more than anything, sent me with a man who wanted to rape me so Jake wouldn’t marry me.”

My father looked at me wide eyed, “I never-

“I don’t care! You.. he would’ve never dared touching me after Jake pummelled him if it wasn’t for your support.” I cried hysterically.

Victor looked at our father disgustingly, “Even after hearing everything about your past I stood by you because I thought you had changed father.”

Father looked stricken.

He looked at me tearfully, “You’re condemning me for a crime I didn’t commit, sunshine.”

It hurt, this was the first time I had seen tears in my father’s eyes but.. but I couldn’t trust him anymore. If it wasn’t for him Jake wouldn’t have been stabbed, I could’ve forgiven him if it was just about me, but I couldn’t forgive him for getting Jake hurt.

“I chose Jake because of you father.” I whispered.

He looked at me confused, “What are you saying..”

“The day before my wedding, before the swayamvara, you told me to choose someone valiant, someone who would fight the world for me. Jake did those things for me but he did even more than that. The beginning of us might’ve been a little rocky but I didn’t fall for him because I had no other choice, I fell a little for him everyday until I realised I was already in love with him.

I fell a little when he let Victor live for me, I fell for him when he brought me food to my chambers in Dwapar daily and ate with me everyday, I fell for him when he didn’t restrict me to do anything, even when I wrote you letters, he didn’t stop me. He made sure that I would need for nothing during my stay, he made his family make me feel like their own. He fought to keep me with him, not just with you but with me at first, and he won. He won me over with everything he did, but most of all he won me over by respecting my decisions and choices. By respecting me enough to respect you, a man he was taught to loathe. For me he declared he wouldn’t participate in a war he was prepared for since he was a child. But being my father you couldn’t even respect my choice when it came to my groom, which is surprisingly the very thing you wanted for me from the very beginning.” I cried.

My father’s face paled even more if possible.


“No! Don’t! This was a name my father called me by, you don’t deserve that privilege. Not only did you lie to me, you sent me off with a monster.

Mica could’ve hurt me if Jake hadn’t arrived on time. Unlike you thought, I am here because of Jacob, he saved me when I was running around looking for an escape, he saved me from Mica which is how he got hurt, Mica attacked Jacob from behind like the coward he was.” I bit.

“You can be rest assured you wouldn’t be walking me down the aisle-


“Victor would do that, you.. you wouldn’t even be at our wedding. We’re leaving tonight. Akira could you please go and relay my message to Nicholas and Roselyn? We’re going back to Dwapar, tonight.”

Akira looked at Victor and then nodded at me as she left.

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