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Chapter 47

“Did he touch you little sister?” Victor looked aghast at me.

“No. He tried but I.. I stabbed his leg with a piece of shattered glass I found.” I replied softly.

Hands held my waist tightly as Jacob’s body engulfed mine, he sniffed my hair giving it a few pecks.

“Believe me sunshine, I did not know he was such filth. I thought of him as a good young man, I thought you’d be closer to me and-

“Jacob is everything you wanted in a groom fit for me, then why can’t you just accept him-


“A daughter who would have never left me, a daughter who looked at me with nothing but pride now looks at me as if she doesn’t recognise me. You had never questioned me or my judgement until he came into your life. You stood against me and your brother for this man.” He said looking shattered.

Shattered as I felt in that moment,

“Father, it was never a competition between you and Jacob. He knew that, he also knew that when you arrived at the palace if Vic hadn’t agreed and if you would’ve insisted I come back with you, I would have, which is why he was so tense. Because your opinions matter to me, even after everything everyone told me about you or your past my love and respect for you never deterred because I knew that you are my hero, you’ve loved me honestly and that you’re a good father, you’ve always been a good father. But now..” my voice broke.

“Forgive me, please don’t leave. I promise- no I swear I would do everything to make this up to you, starting with getting you married to Prince Jacob.” my father whispered.

Nicholas barged into the room, “We are packed brother! Roselyn and I are ready to leave whenever you are-

“Then we’ll leave now-

“No. We’re not going anywhere, go back to your chambers Nicholas, tell Roselyn to go to sleep. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Jacob interrupted me.

Nicholas looked hesitant but then nodded and left.

“It is late, King Liam. Maybe we can continue this tomorrow after breakfast.”

My father gratefully nodded at Jacob then came to me as I stilled-

“I will make this up to you, I swear this to you sunshine.” He kissed my forehead and left.

Victor looked heartbroken, “Go back to your chambers big brother. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I said softly.

He gave me a hug, “I’m sorry Tori, I should’ve protected you better”

He left before I could say anything.

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