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Chapter 4

I was with Akira waiting for Victor to come get me, he was going to be escorting me to the swayamvara when we saw a guard coming to us with a his face hidden by a scarf around his face. We could only see his eyes.

“Huh that’s weird” Akira said, I nodded.

“Akira has been summoned by Prince Victor” the guard said.

“I am not to leave the Princess”

“He said its urgent, something for the ceremony is missing”

Akira looked at me with hesitation.

“It’s okay we are in the palace, I’m safe you can go. If Victor is calling for you it must be important”

“I will be quick”

“Akira you can leave, I’m okay I promise.” I smiled at her.

“Alright” she left.

“You can leave too, I’ll be fine by myself.” I told the guard.

He kept staring

“Are you deaf? I said leave”

He still kept quiet

“Oh my god! Are you really deaf? I’m so sorry” I was horrified by my behaviour.

His eyes shone as he suddenly laughed.

“Are you laughing at me? How dare you, you aren’t deaf” I fumed.

“I’m sorry your highness, my mistake” his tone amused.

His voice, it was.. perfect

This was the first time anybody had dared to speak to me like that which made me more intrigued than angry.

“Why is your face hidden?”

“I’m way too shy to show my face your royal highness”

I laughed. His eyes shined as if he won a crown.

“Well I wish to see your face, remove the scarf soldier” I teased.

“Your wish is my command” amusement gone, his eyes they held an unknown emotion that I could not fathom.

He removed his scarf, and I wish he hadn’t.

I was to be wedded today, I could not think of another man, and this man, he was the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on, his eyes promised sinful wishes. And his hair, god! he had the most beautiful hair. With his raven dark hair and black beautiful eyes he had the gorgeous face with sinful lips. He was well built and his muscles bulged out the sleeves. He seemed like the epitome of perfection. I was tall, but he was the tallest man I had seen until now, he seemed a little taller than Victor, which was saying something. Victor was exceptionally tall, he was the tallest man I had seen up until I laid eyes on...

“What is your name?” I said in a quiet voice.

“Jacob” he smiled at me.

The authority in his voice, stance. His aura, oh god how did I not see this before? How did I ever think of this man to be a mere guard? Looking at him I had no doubt left in my mind.

“WHO ARE YOU?” I was enraged.

“Your King” smiling he replied.

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