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Chapter 48

“Why did you stop me? We should be leaving now Jacob.” I glared at Jake.

“No, we’re not yet married love. We can’t leave here till we’re wedded.”

“We can get married in Dwapar, I can’t stay at a place where-

“Stop” he whispered pulling me to him

“No, you got hurt. I’m not-

“I’m angry at your father too, but he did not know about Mica. Trust me. In his own ways, he thought he was protecting you-

I shook my head but he held my face in his hands, looking at me intently, “Your father loves you Ria. He made a mistake”

“But you were hurt because of-

“FUCKING STOP IT!” He roared.

“Do you know how I feel right now Ria? Do you really want to know how I feel? I feel like your father was right. I feel inept, I couldn’t save you from Mica, I couldn’t stop your abduction, I couldn’t even find you before he-

I hugged Jake tightly, “shh” I comforted.

I was so deep in my grief that I didn’t realise how Jacob must have felt. He was a prideful warrior, for him to feel inept..

“I’m sorry Ria.” His tortured whisper brought out my tears.

“It isn’t your fault love, not for a second. Don’t you dare feel inept, you are everything to me, you saved me Jake.” I looked at him stroking his cheek.

“Promise me something” he said hoarsely

“Anything” I whispered back

I saw his eyes close, “Give your father a chance”

His hold on me tightened as my body stilled.

My eyes filled,

“Why? How can you.. forgive him?” I asked as my tears dropped.

He gave me tender smile brushing away my tears as he brought our lips closer,

“Because I love you, and because I know that no matter how hurt or disappointed you might be with him, you still love him” he replied

“I don’t deserve you Jake” I murmured

He shook his head smiling at me tenderly,

“You do, more than you know. This here is mine and so are you.” he said putting his hand over my chest above my heart.

I smiled at him as I heard him repeat the words I had said to him a few days earlier.

“I love you” I whispered

“I love you more” he replied affectionately grazing his lips against mine.

“Not possible” I said pulling his lips down on mine.

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