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Things were a little tense after the incident, but with our wedding approaching eventually everything fell into place.

Mother and father started showing interest in getting to know Jake, father made an extra effort into smoothing things over by involving Jake into important discussions regarding the kingdom.

Looking at them together I couldn’t have been happier, I could see my father was genuinely impressed by Jake.

Familiar arms wrapped around me from behind as I smiled leaning back into him.

“Mhmm I missed you” Jake nuzzled my neck

I sighed contently,

“You do realise you just saw me this morning, right?” I teased

He poked my waist, biting my earlobe as I laughed twisting in his arms, my hands going around his neck.

I leaned closer pecking him on his neck as he shivered.

I smiled, “I missed you”

He smiled at me rubbing our noses together.

Akira entered my room smiling at us,

“Tomorrow is your wedding, you need to go to your chambers Jacob, your father is waiting for you over there.”

I sighed,

“Jake, it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. You’ll sleep in your chambers tonight, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He shook his head but I stood on my toes to give him a kiss, “I’ll see you tomorrow” I stressed.

He sighed finally nodding, “Alright. I can’t wait! After tonight, we’ll never be apart again.”

He squeezed me to him one last time before finally heading to his chambers.


I was dressed in my white wedding gown with a tiara on my head. My dress was embezzled with diamond from the top as it outgrew in a princess gown.

My full sleeves were made out of the softest lace I had ever felt in my life.

“Calm down Tori” Akira squeezed my hand as I sighed for the hundredth time.

“I’m nervous. Do you think I look good?”

She smiled,

“You look better than good, you look gorgeous. Jacob’s going to lose his mind when he looks at you.”

I blushed.

Victor entered the room,

“You look beautiful, Tori”

“Thank you, brother.”

“Now I’ll walk you down the aisle if you want but-

“Where’s papa?” I whispered.

Jake was right, no matter what he was my father and I loved him. I couldn’t take away this form him or from me.

Victor smiled at me and nodded,

“She’s waiting for you.” He yelled as the door opened and papa stood with tears glistening in his eyes.

“Thank you.” He mouthed at me.

“I love you” I said as he came upto me and pecked my head.

“Let’s go before that boy comes here looking for you.” He mused and I chuckled.

As we walked down the aisle I saw Jake’s back but he turned when Nicholas whispered in his ear.

His eyes widened as they landed on me and the intensity of his gaze grew as I walked closer to him.

“Take care of her, son.” My father said as he gave my hand to Jake whose eyes never left mine.

“With my life, sir.”

I smiled at him as my eyes watered.

Jake pulled me closer to him as the ceremony started,

“You look more beautiful than ever, love.”

“I love you.” I whispered. Jake grew more handsome every time I looked at him.

He squeezed my waist as the priest started.

I believe you have prepared your own vows, you may proceed.

Jacob and I faced each other as we held hands tightly,

“I always knew of love but I never understood it until you. Life is sometimes easy, sometimes difficult but I want to go through every bit of it with my hand in yours, Ria. You’re not just the love of my life, you are.. you are my life.” He said as his eyes glossed.

I squeezed his hand in mine as my tears fell,

“I never thought I would find someone as incredible as you to be my partner. Someone who would cherish me like you do, understand me, respect me and treat me as an equal. But most of all love me, love me the way no one has ever loved anyone.

You have the most beautiful heart Jacob Valiant Knight, and you don’t even know it. I hope.. I hope I get you in every lifetime next to me because I truly cannot imagine myself without you, now or ever.

I love you more than this life and any other I might have.”

He leaned down as soon as I finished and kissed me as everybody applauded.

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