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Chapter 5

“How dare you lie to me?” saying I was angry would be putting it mildly, I was furious.

“On the contrary I never lied to you darling, you assumed I just never corrected you” he looked amused.

His amusement only fuelled my anger. Before a frightening thought entered my mind.

“Oh my god where is Akira? Is she okay? Did you do something to her?” Amy eyes widened as I looked around to look for someone around.

“I need you to come with me before someone comes, we don’t have much time” he cut me out of my trance.

“What? No! I’m not going anywhere with you.” I stated.

“Would you like to marry me?” he asked ignoring me.

“Are you a prince?” my brows furrowed

“I am” he sincerely replied.

“Then why are you in the gardens with me? You should be in the great hall”

His eyes turned hard.

It didn’t make sense, he should be in the hall waiting for me. If he liked me, why would he go against the protocol, and risk getting rejected? Unless.. my eyes snapped to him and widened.

“Who are you?” I gulped

“By the look on your face I suppose you already know darling, my name is Jacob Valiant Knight, the heir to the Dwapar kingdom.”

No sooner than the words left his mouth I was on my feet running past him towards the hall to get to Vic.

Arms came around my waist pulling me towards a hard chest restricting my movements.

“LET GO OFF ME” I screamed, I was worried. I didn’t have my sword with me in this gown, mother took it off me before going for the swayamvara. He was physically stronger than me, how would I stop him if I didn’t even have any weapon on me? I needed to get to Vic.

“Shh! I do not wish to hurt you love, but I can’t let you leave now.” he soothed.

“Are you insane? My father will have your head” I shrieked.

“He can try”

“You arrogant ….”

“Its alright you can complete that later” he laughed

“Please let me go, I do not wish to marry you” I said in desperation.

His eyes turned hard, I could tell what I said angered him but before I could shout for help he picked me up over his shoulder and ran, in the opposite direction of palace.

I thrashed his back with my fists but to no avail.

A carriage was waiting by the time, we arrived at the main entrance of the palace.

We were getting closer to the entrance when a guard heard my scream. He came up running with a sword in his hand, before he could come any closer when Jacob aimed a Goyal at him. Hitting him in the chest as he fell back down.

“Oh my god! Is he alive? Did you kill him?” I shrieked trying to wiggle down but he wouldn’t let me down.

Jacob did not stop for a second as he ignored me and carried me down to the gates.

As we passed the gates to the entrance of the palace my mind reeled. Where were the other guards? Most of the guards I know were busy with guarding the halls and the inner palace but I know the security of the palace. Father wouldn’t leave the entrance unguarded and vulnerable.

“Oh god! Where are the soldiers? What did you do?”

“You don’t wish to know that darling”

“You killed them?” I asked horrified

He didn’t reply, I didn’t expect him to. I didn’t see anyone with him, how could he single handedly manage to defeat all the soldiers? How did he enter the premises without anyone knowing?

I looked down to the man carrying me, unbothered and striding quickly down, I followed his gaze. There was a carriage down there. My blood ran cold.

“Papa, Victorrr” I screamed for help

I saw Akira running toward us



She looked terrified and then she ran, and did she run, if I wasn’t so worried I would have laughed.

“The maid calls you Tori? Not princess?”

I glared at him, “She is my friend”

“My apologies” he said sincerely.

“Why are you starting the carriage?” I screamed at him.

“Well I didn’t carry you all the way here to sit and wait for your brother to come here now did I” he replied calmly.

I held his hand, “Stop it! I’m not leaving with you”

He looked surprised for a moment, “Forgive me love, this is one thing I would never be able to give you”

“My freedom?” I angrily replied

“No, you will have your freedom” he said with confidence, “but I wish to be by your side, always, and for that I can’t leave you. Ever.” He whispered

He managed to start up the carriage even with me holding his wrist tightly. I unclasped my hand as I looked around to find an escape but as the carriage started moving, there was nothing that I could do except hope that Akira got to Victor in time.

My father hated this man, I could tell that when his name had come up. I gulped as my eyes shut and my head fell back.

I slumped down trying to think of a way out of this one.

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