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Chapter 6

Jacob Valiant Knight POV.

We were atleast 15 miles away. It would take a while for Victoria’s brother to cover the distance and reach us. The only way if he can even cover the distance is if he comes solo on a horse. I would’ve taken her a lot more distance if we weren’t on a carriage.

There was a lot I had to go through to get to her, getting into the palace. Getting rid of the soldiers, disguising myself. But I couldn’t let her marry someone else.

I am never going to let her go. Never.

She was sitting quietly and it was eating at me. I wanted her to laugh and to talk, I wanted her the same way she had always been in her palace. Her laugh was so mesmerizing. She pulled at me, there was something in her and from the moment I had seen her, I knew.

She was the one.

She had a fire in her. A fire only I could handle, no other man would ever be good enough. Hell maybe I wasn’t either, but I’d make her happy, she’d be happy with me. Wouldn’t that be enough? But her father he would have never given me her hand.

“So tell me something about you?” I gently coax her.

She didn’t even look at me

“Are you giving me a silent treatment?” I mused.

She still didn’t say a thing

“Look I’m sorry if I hurt you that is never my intention, you have to know that but -

“You tied my hands” she said fuming.

Oh, yeah forgot to mention that. Well if I hadn’t had tied her she wouldn’t have let me take her as far as I had gotten us, she was too quick and too strong for her own good.

“True but only because you wouldn’t stop hitting me and darling I know how good you spar, I couldn’t risk it” I smiled a little.

“I am not your darling, do not call me that”

Ouch. That hurt.

“What do you suggest I call you?” I tried again.

“Princess Victoria Hope MacQuoid.” she curtly replied.

“But how can I call you ‘Princess’?”

Her brows furrowed, “Why not? It is my title”

“But you are to be my queen, isn’t queen the better title? And more appropriate of course.” I raised a brow in question. She laughed, and it felt like I won the crown.

When she noticed I didn’t laugh she stopped.

“You’re serious” she gulped.

I nodded.

“No no no no, no no no you can’t no” she said in horror.

“Why not?” I raised an eyebrow in anger

“My father. He will ….. no” she whispered

I felt a little relieved, this outburst was because of her father and not because she could not see a future with me. That I could work with. Her father hated me, not that I liked the man. But it wasn’t him I had to marry. I’d convince Victoria, we were meant to be.

In the distance we heard a scream, “Victoria”

Victoria straightened, “Victor” she smiled. And lord was it a beautiful smile.

She looked at me with mirth putting me out of my trance, “My brother is here, he will not allow you to take me away”

My jaw ticked.

“He can try love but I am taking you, unless your brother can kill me”

Her eyes widened.

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