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Chapter 7

My eyes widened, I didn’t want him to die.

I couldn’t marry him and he was a neanderthal jerk but.. I didn’t want him to die.

“Just let me leave and I promise I will not let Victor hurt you.” I softly said

His eyes warmed, “Nothing will happen to me love, you can count on that”

My brows furrowed as he turned the carriage on the side, and.. took out his weapons. His bow and arrow, he started arranging the bows in a row, I couldn’t understand what he was doing, this was a different method than what our father had taught us.

My brother took out his arrow, and I saw a couple of soldiers behind him.

My brother shouted, “Let my sister go Knight”

“She’s mine” replied Jacob.

My brows furrowed as I saw Victor aim, but somehow Jacob had created a shield for us, the arrows aimed weren’t even getting anywhere close to him or the carriage.

I was tied and helpless as I watched Jacob aim and hit a bunch of soldiers all at once.

He aimed a bunch of arrows in a symmetrical line, he cleared and hit the arrows on his spot as the soldiers fell down their horses. He took the sides and there wasn’t any soldier left. He was exceptionally good at this. My eyes followed his movements meticulously.

“VICTORRR” I screamed when I saw him getting hurt by the arrow, his speciality was spear, if I allowed this to go any further... I had no doubt left that Jacob would kill him.

I could not even stand, I had never felt so helpless.

Out of helplessness and my will to save my brother I reached out a hand and I held his feet. The moment my fingers touched his feet his movements stilled as his eyes snapped to me.

Jacob’s eyes that had until now only expressed amusement, anger or some intensity, they looked.. heartbroken?

“Love” he whispered brokenly as if my gesture hurt him physically.

Tears filled my eyes, “Please” I whispered brokenly, “Not my brother”

“He is fighting for you, he is fighting to take you away from me. I cannot allow him to take you from me, I will never allow anyone to take you away from me. Never.” He replied vehemently.

“I will never forgive you if you hurt him” my voice stronger than ever. “I will hate you forever, it wouldn’t matter if you keep me with you, you will never have me.” I promised.

He could tell I wasn’t lying.

He looked torn but then he aimed the arrows at Vic, my heartbeat stopped. My head snapped to look at Victor, he tied my brother up with his arrows in a way I could see he would be immobile. He didn’t hurt Victor, there wasn’t any injury, it was just a way to bound him.

He wouldn’t be able to move but he would live, he wouldn’t hurt.

I sighed in relief.

“Victoria DON’T” Vic shouted as his eyes turned to me. he was pleading me to fight, to do anything but not leave with the Prince.

“I’m sorry big brother” I said tearfully. My hands were tied and even if I could do something, I wouldn’t. Not when there was a chance that Vic could get hurt. Jacob hadn’t physically hurt me. And somewhere, I trusted him not to either.

I just hoped that my gut instinct wasn’t wrong because that was all I had to rely on.

“Now you will leave with me without any fight” Jacob said watching me.

I turned to him and then.

Then I nodded.

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