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Chapter 8

“DON’T YOU DARE TORI” Victor screamed.

I could hear his anguish. And the fact that he called me Tori infront of Jacob told me how hysterical he felt. He had never shown any extra affection to me infront of anybody else, it wasn’t appreciated. Our father had taught us that, it could be used against us. Our love for each other should never be our weakness, especially a weakness that is displayed infront of others.

We were each other’s strength. And right now I could see my brother breaking, because he couldn’t do what he had been doing since we were children. He wasn’t able to..

A tear rolled out my eye, Jacob wiped it off looking heartbroken again.

I slapped his hand away, “Don’t” I choked.

“We need to leave” he said quietly as if not wanting to hurt me when he was tearing my heart out.

“I know” I replied.

He nodded and started the carriage.

“TORI PLEASE DON’T DO THIS, LET ME FIGHT HIM” I heard Vic scream and I sobbed.

I looked up at him, my brother, my hero, I knew he’d die for me but I couldn’t let that happen. I would never forgive myself if my twin died because of me.

I breathed as I tried to be strong for the both of us.

“We’ll meet soon brother. But right now you need to go back to the palace, mother and father need you.” I said to him.

He shook his head looking defeated. I couldn’t let him feel defeated. He had to go back, but I needed something. I wracked my brain and then.

And I remembered, “Victor!” I screamed.

He looked at me in question, for a second Jacob paused, to let me complete what I desperately wanted to say and for a moment I appreciated it. I was thankful until I realised I was in this position because of him.

“Brother do not let Akira be blamed for this, I ordered her to go to you, don’t let anyone hurt her.” I said hoping against everything that this would give him enough strength to want to go back.

No matter how much they fought, at the end they did care for each other, they were friends. I’m hoping that friendship becomes his strength.

His eyes widened as he realised what I just said, he understood the danger. Sudden determination came across his face and I knew that Akira would be safe. And so would Victor, now he had something to go back for. He gave me a bittersweet smile and nodded. Nodded that Akira would be safe, I nodded back. I would be safe too, brother, I smiled at him.

The carriage began moving.

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