Crime of love

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Falling for a player knowing that he's going to hurt me because I'm not sure I'm beautiful enough to keep him forever. "I love you and only you Naomi," Jerome said "You're the only beautiful girl in my life". " I want to have children with you in the future". "I can die for you". " I can't take it when I see another nigga close to you baby". The nicknames: Pami, pumpkin, my sassy badass queen, rose, babe, baby and your initials jernoami and our YouTube channel What will you do when you see your boyfriend kissing the class slut Cassandra? Kill her! Slap her! Break up with him! Oh, don't get me started in the pranks we have pulled on each other. . I'm cheating on you prank . No longer attracted to you . Ignoring her for 24 hours . go, hickey. Cassandra and won't try breaking our relationship, won't be madly in love with me and Cassandra was in love with my boyfriend. .jerome .naomi Against the 🌏 world Your first meeting was not like your usual lovey-dovey Nigerian Wattpad love story. Naomi .Beautiful .smart .loving. .curvy .killer smile .multitalented Jerome .egoistic .cocky .flirt .nice .loving Their love story was oblivious to the world but not to them, all the bickering, taunts, name calling finally made them know that their can live without each other. In Wattpad book the love story ended in university but it's see if they can keep their r

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Naomi's pov

The alarm clock ringed it's music to
my ears and i muttered some words

It is a wonderful Monday morning , going to school is so much fun getting scolded my teachers too" I said with sacarasm in my tone

As I got up from the bed with sleep still in my eyes. After five minutes of a relaxing bath. I got out from the shower wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and a black pencil skirt with blue tie and the whole rubbish uniform.
I looked at myself in the mirror with a smile on my face as my shape was screaming from the skirt and

Omo pepper them geng, when I get to the school they will know Naomi oluwatosin has arrived" I said laying down my edges

Naomi ti n ba baa e ni be " my mother shouted from the living ( Naomi If I meet you there)

I am coming mom" I shouted as I quickly took my bag and went downstairs to have breakfast

Ekaro iya mi" I said with a smile on my face

I thought you wanted to sleep in your room and not go to school" she said in a angry Tone

Ma binu iya mi" I said stuffing bread and egg in my mouth

Here this is your money for food" my mom said handing 500 to me

I rushed out of the house to get to school in time

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