Ragnar Twins Mate

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Chapter 1

Gabriel gasps as he awakens from the nightmare he has been having ever since the tragic death of his friends. Every night he awakens drenched in sweat with tears streaming down his face. He can't believe that after 20 years he still feels like it had just happened. He turns to the door as it opens and sees his twin coming back in.

"Are you doing ok", asks Michael.

"Yes he replies just having the Nightmares again".

Try not to think to much about it says Michael as he gets in bed and wraps his arms around his brother comforting him.

I hope we find our mates soon dad is getting old, tired, and wore out leading everyone and dealing with everyone's shit in all the packs. Well as soon as we both find our mates we will take over as Alpha kings, says Gabriel.

I know comes the reply from his brother.

I had an unusual dream earlier it was of a beautiful wolf with pure white fur and she transformed into a curvaceous woman with beautiful long white hair in a shimmery white gown I wonder if she is our mate being shown to me in our dreams by the moon Goddess. Gabriel turns to look at his brother as he had the same dream before his nightmare and he says it to his brother. They look at each other in shock and at the same time say we need to visit the oracle so they can figure out the meaning of them having the same dream.

The next morning they have made an appointment to go talk with the pack oracle hoping that she can shed some light on the dream that they have had.

Gabriel what do you think this means for us are we to share a mate, asks Michael. Honestly I don't know what to think yet let's wait until the oracle talks to us before we start speculating and get it all wrong. Your right brother we need to get going so we make it on time to see the oracle I'll mindlink and have the guards ready the carriage for us. Thank you brother I'll get our supplies arranged for the trip.

A few minutes later they are loaded into the carriage with their guards surrounding them in their wolf forms. They set out for Rockridge which is about half an hour drive from the palace to the home of the oracle.

Michael you know it never gets old seeing our people out and about happy now since our father defeated the Rogue King Darren 20 years ago. It's hard to believe everyone use to hide in fear and no one was hardly ever out unless they had to be due to the fear of being attacked. I know and also seeing our land prosper again after it being burned and plundered looking at it now you never would have thought all the fields and houses had been burned down and all you could see for miles was an ash wasteland. Now all you see is beautiful homes and lush green field and the thick forests coming back due to our earth mages. The only thing missing is our Luna and Queen, Gabriel sighs.

10 Minutes Later

Your majesty we have arrived. Thank you Izan. Well are you ready brother says Michael. Yes I am. I can not wait to find out what our dreams mean. He is interrupted by a clearing of a throat and they turn to see who had interrupted them. They see a hooded figure all in black with their hand extended to the right indicating that they should follow in that direction. They are shocked when they hear a female voice say if you will follow me I will lead you to our oracle Xazaina, she says.

They look to each other and follow her up the beautiful garden and into the oracle's home.
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