Kiss, Marry, Kill

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When 3 teens decide to play Kiss, Marry, Kill, they are face to face with a horrible realisation. All they can do is play until the game let's them finish.

Romance / Drama
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"Alright, so uhhh.... How about 21 dares?" suggests Alexa.
"Nahh too boring. All ya do is count to 21 and give whoever it is a dare. I think we should go ding ding ditchin'," says Luke.
"Or Kiss, Marry, Kill. But with a twist," I look at them grinning. "We have to actually do it. We can't marry like 10 people though, so let's make that one sex and with the rest we have to kill the person and kiss the person."
They look at me with a bright look on their face.
"God, I'm grateful we are already outlaws," Luke sighs. "Alright, I'm in."
"Same," Alexa agrees.
"Cool. Who we asking first?" I ask.
"You, bro. You got the idea," Luke says.
"Alright, knock yourselves out," I chuckle.
"Alright, uhhh, Mary the shopkeeper, Jack the post guy and Isaac, Mary the shop keeper's husband," Alexa says.

Mary is an old lady, roughly 50,who works in the shop across the street. Jack is the post guy, looks about 30 ish, who always walks through our alley to deliver the post. Then, Isaac is obviously Mary's husband.

"Girl, are you for real. I'm gonna have to bang the postman and kiss one of the old people," I groan.
"You said we had to do it, not us," she replied.
"Fair enough. I'll go kill Isaac. Then kiss Mary, then find Jack."

Entering, I withdraw a knife from my back pocket and plunge it into Isaac's chest. He gasps for breath and I swiftly remove the knife. Then, I quickly approach Mary before she can dial 911.

"Ah, ah, ah. I don't think so," I say softly. I brush my lips with hers. She's taken aback.
"Bye, bye," I say in a childish voice, wave and run out of the shop.
"Dude, you actually did it!" Luke says, giving me a high five.
"Jeez, you did," says Alexa smirking.
"Now to go find Jack..." I complain.
They both look at me, a mocking looking upon them.
"What!? I wasn't gonna fuck a 60 year old!" I say, my voice very high.
They both start laughing and I join in.
"Yeah, and a 30 year old and a 21 year is any better," Luke laughs.
"It's 9 years! At least it's not like 39 years!" I laugh.
Across the street, I see Jack.
I go over quickly.
"Hey, bro, doing anything?" I ask.
He looks at me. There's a look on him... Like a girl who's just been asked-

We are making out in his room. Jesus this is better than I was expecting. Am I gay? It'd explain why I've never liked girls and this dude is actually really turning me on... Quickly, my shirt is off. Then my trousers. Then my boxers. He pushes me down and he's sitting above me. I'm looking up at him, gasping for breath.
"You know, me having sex with you was a dare but this is actually really good," I chuckle.
He takes off his shirt and I watch intently. God, he's fit. I can't resist anymore. I pull him towards me and kiss his abs. He seemed shocked but slowly pulls himself together and wraps his arms around my head, telling me to carry on. My breathing is racing, my heart pounding. He moves his hands. Tingling runs down my back to my front and then carries on down until-
"Jesus... Christ!" comes out of my mouth. I'm lying on my back, my whole body prickling like electricity. My fingers are laced through his hair. My head falls back onto the pillow as my back arches. I swallow painfully but the pleasure makes up for it. My vision blurs as the fire burning inside of me grows brighter and brighter. Sound escapes from my mouth. I grit my teeth, trying not to make too much noise.
"Moan like you mean it," he says and that is my final straw. A loud moan escapes and I can't hold it back anymore, so I don't try.
God, why is he turning me on so much.
"My turn," he says after about 10 mins.
We switch places and my mouth closes over his penis. His eyes are closed, his mouth open. He doesn't worry about making any noise like I did. I note that. Don't worry. I feel something in my mouth. His cum. I close my eyes, swallowing. Jesus. I never thought I'd enjoy anything like this.
After about 30 mins, we are cuddling in a corner, my fingers intertwined in his hair, his in mine. My breathing is slowing but starts racing again after he says,
"Can we do that again at some point?"
I smile.
"God, yes."
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