My Bad girl and her Broken Nerd

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A girl Meets her match I am a nerd but i'm also classified as broken She is a bad ass but also different in a kind way what will happen when these two collide

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Another day of work at the café and another day of putting up with my bitch of a boss. Don't get me wrong i love my job just not the people in it. I walk to the café and put my apron on and start the day with serving the regulars. its been almost 3 hrs. of serving and taking orders and its bloody hot.

"Annie get your ass out here and get to work and for goodness sake do your damn well job" my boss had yelled from his office where he is sitting on his ass doing nothing but he claims to be doing the finances but we all know that's just bullshit. i look at the time and i think 'shit I'm late' I get out of my uniform and rush to the college to get to my classes on time which is literally impossible because I'm 10 minutes and I've got 3 minutes to arrive. I'm running and I run into someone's chest. We both fall over and grunt. I look over to see a woman with brownish black hair up in a ponytail and a six pack wearing a crop top and leggings. I help her up and for some reason I blush but not gonna lie she's kind of hot.

What the hell was I thinking I have a boyfriend and now I'm late fuck stupid pretty lady

"watch where you're going next time stupid bitch" her voice laced with hate and annoyance and i was pissed off i think i might skip class and argue with her but on the other hand I've never skipped class my teacher is so going to be pissed at me and i'm supposed to be the straight A student and i really want to get into medical school and become a psychiatrist. All because of this bitch i might not even get into medical school because I've just skipped a day of college. i manage to say

"excuse me i'm not a bitch and i'm sorry that i was running late to my college at least i'm not a stuck up pretty lady like you" she smirked

"pretty lady eh" i could feel my cheeks heat up with embarrassment. i could hear her deep voiced laughter erupting

"it's not that funny" i said in almost a whisper. She says with a really big smile

"I've never been called a pretty lady before" it stunned me that no ones ever called her a pretty lady, i mean what the hell.

I snap back into reality and start walking past her because i really just wanted to get away from her and her charms. I could hear her yelling but i was too far to hear and i really couldn't deal with her so i just put my headphone on and just walked. I could feel a tapping on my shoulder so i kicked them in the shin and they doubled over then i see the lady from before. i said with power

"I may be a nerd but i will not hesitate to hurt anyone in self defense now let me sleep" she said with a bit of pain and still holding her shin

"Bitch that hurt" i said with victory on my voice

"Good it was supposed to that's why i did it and its called self defense"

she just laughed at my response. I was smiling which i haven't done in so long since my parents passing, honestly i'm grateful for the distraction.

"you smiled so you don't despise me" she said cheekily

" you never know we might actually be friends but i seriously doubt it" i had said and my smile dropped

"why" she said straight faced

"well because you're a stranger and i have major trust issues" i said feeling a tiny bit sad for some reason although that's my usual feeling

"well heres a bit a bit about me my names Isabella and i'm 22 dropped out of school at 17 and i'm lesbian can i know a bit about you" she inquisitively asked

"names Annie i'm 20 and i'm bisexual that's all you need to know" i don't know why i said that because usually i would have anxiety.

I could see that she wanted to press for more questions but she didn't and i was grateful because i don't want to tell my whole life story to anyone because it will make me have to relive the days over again and I really don't want to go through it again. i already go through the pain i don't want to remember but i do like it was yesterday.

"So am i a stranger still" she asked me and honestly i don't know why she's trying because i obviously don't trust her and i don't trust anyone

"still yes anyways i need to go" i get up to leave but she blocks my path

"why can't you just let me in why can't you trust me why can't we just be friends why can't anyone just trust me?" She cried while she said this and truly i felt bad but i won't let anyone close to me i don't want to feel the pain ever again.

" I'm sorry it's not you but i need to go and you aren't that special i don't trust or let anyone close to me anymore" she looked confused and i just chuckled and gave her a tissue that i had in my pocket and left. When i got home i collapsed on the bare bed and looked at my phone and realized i had go 12 missed calls from my boss but i will just ask him why when i get there tomorrow.

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