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Sleeping With My Boss's Husband

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Brianna never knew the man she met one night at a football game then later fell in love with. Had a secret. One very huge secret that he knew if it were to ever come out he would lose her. Nick tried juggling his life around with work, who he loved, and who he wanted nothing to do with. That juggling around was to unknowingly come to an end because of where he had to be. Nick and Brianna will soon find out they will be at the wrong place at the wrong time, (or, will it be a blessing in disguise and they'll be at the right place at the right time?) discovering the truth about each other. Brianna will find out who he is. Nick will find out who Brianna is. And, well, Tessa, will eventually find out who her employee is sleeping with. The truth always comes out. Is Tessa, Nick's wife, really all that innocent as she claims to be? What kinds of skeletons are hidden in her closet?

Romance / Erotica
Jeni Rae D
4.9 12 reviews
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Chapter 1 - Please stay


Nick called, informing me he was taking me out tonight. It has been three days since I've heard from or seen him, and whenever we're together, we can't seem to keep our hands off of each other. Also, every time I get to see him, the butterflies come alive and tickle my stomach. Not only does he do that, but my clit swells, and the next thing I feel, moistened panties.

We met four months ago at a football game. Nick was sitting beside me, and whenever our team scored, he jumped into the air, yelling excitedly, and his beer would spill all over me. At first, I was upset. Then, I got the nerve to snap at him, and after I turned to him and got an exact look at him. He fucking took my breath away. He was incredibly sexy; he had dirty, disheveled blond hair, facial stubble that I found to be incredibly sexy on him, and the most beautiful hazel colored eyes I had ever seen. With him as beautiful and sexy as he was. I couldn't help but accept his apology after he apologized.

We hit it off, and after the game was over, we exchanged numbers.

Tonight, he told me to dress casual. So, I put on my low cut, skinny jeans, and a deep V, bare midriff top, showcasing my plump breasts. And instead of pulling my hair up into a messy bun, I let my long curls hang loose. The reason? I was hoping for him to grip and tug on my hair later in the evening.

While I was finishing getting ready, I heard a knock, then hurried over to the door. Knowing it was Nick, I opened it with a smile. He stepped in, pulled me to him, and greeted me with one massive, passionate kiss. He brought his other arm forward, forced it in between us. Then he held up a big bouquet, mixed with red roses and pink and white lily's. I wrapped my hand around the bouquet and chastely kissed his lips. "Thank you!" I said in awe, holding the flowers up to see.

"You don't mind if I place these in a vase before we leave. Do you?"

"No," he sexily smirked. With that beautiful smirk, he was causing my heart to flutter and the sensitive bud between my legs to swell.

I headed to the kitchen, grabbed a vase, filled it with water, then placed the bouquet inside, and arranged the flowers before setting them in the center of my dining room table. Next, I headed to my closet and grabbed my black pumps and started putting them on.

Nick snickered, "You might want to put on some tennis shoes, or something with no heels."

I looked up and lowered my brows. "Why? Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise," he smiled.

I removed my heels, then reached for my sandals. "Would these be okay?"

He nodded. "Perfect."

While walking down the hallway, his arm reached behind, slithered it around my waist, and pulled me tightly against him. He sure knew how to make me feel warm inside, and with a smile, I rested my head on his shoulder.

We walked out of the building and over to his beautiful brand new black Camaro, opening the door and waving me to get in.

He drove us through town, then hopped on the freeway, heading north. As he stepped on the gas, his hand reached out towards me, resting it on my thigh, then gently started rubbing it, making my clit swell even more. Then I felt like melting when his hand found mine and brought it up to his lips, kissing the tips of my fingers.

I had no idea where we were going after he exited the freeway and drove through another small town. Then he turned and pulled into a mini-golf course with a racetrack. After parking and turning the car off, he turned to me with a grin. "I hope this is okay. I thought it would be fun to play a game of mini-golf, then for us to go hit the tracks and see who could beat who."

I giggled. I couldn't drive a go-cart to save my life. But I was willing to try it again. "This works for me. I haven't done anything like this since I was a little girl."

Nick stepped out of the car and walked over to my door, opening and reaching for my hand. "I just thought we would do something different, and something a bit more fun. You know. Be like kids again," he said, wrapping his arms around me and lowering his lips to mine, leaving me breathless when he parted and slipped his hand into mine. We walked to the booth, where he paid for a mini-golf game and four races on the go-carts.

We grabbed our golf-clubs and balls, then headed over to the course. Nick extended his arm out for me to set down my ball. I stepped back and shook my head. "You can go first. I haven't done this in years, and I'm afraid I'll make myself look like an idiot."

"Are you sure? Usually, it's ladies' first," he smiled warmly.

"Yes. I'm sure. I'd like to see how this game is played again and need a little refresher before I hit the ball."

He stepped next to me, held out the scorecard, and pointed. "See this here? Each hole has a different number. It shows you how many times it takes to get the ball in the hole. Ideally, you want to do less than what it is showing you here. Getting a hole in one is even better," he winked.


He walked over to the course and set his ball down. For a reminder, I watched to see how he hit the ball and continued watching until he sank the ball in the hole. I looked at the scorecard. The first hole showed to do it in three hits. He dropped the ball after two tries.

It was now my turn. I dropped the ball, and as I stood in formation, studying where to hit the ball, Nick walked up behind me, electrifying me to the core when he reached around and correctly placed my hands on the club, then helped me hit the ball.

"See. It's not hard at all. Is it?"

I smiled, shaking my head.

"With your next shot, you should be able to drop the ball in the hole. Just don't hit it too hard, okay?"

I nodded, studied the hole, looked at the ball, then hit, making it in. Happy I didn't screw up and dropped the ball in less than three tries, I jumped up and down, then turned to him, wrapped my arms around him, and pulled him in for a kiss. "You're in trouble now, mister," I giggled.

Finally, we made it to par eighteen—the hardest one of them all. After finishing the game, I looked down at the scorecard, saw he kicked my ass, and pouted. "What's the matter?" He chuckled, "Not liking, I kicked your ass?"

"No. You should have at least made nice, and let me kick your ass," I giggled, giving Nick a playful shove.

"Maybe next time, darling," he said, chastely kissing my lips.

Next, we walked over to the go-cart tracks. As we stood in line, one of the workers pointed at me and instructed me to pull my hair back. Luckily, I grabbed a binder before we left my apartment and placed it on my wrist. I removed the hair binder and pulled my hair up into a bun. He leaned into my ear, teasing me. "Hope you're ready for another ass-kicking."

"I don't think so, mister," I smiled, poking at his chest. "It's my turn to kick your ass."

It was finally our turn. I found the go-cart I wanted to be in, climbed in, buckled up, then turned to Nick, giving him thumbs up and mocking him. Telling him he was going to lose to a woman. Of course, once the race started, I was fucking nervous. Afraid to press on the gas any further, which made me fall behind. Seeing that Nick was far ahead of me, I told myself to do it and finally got the courage to step on the pedal harder. I then caught up to Nick, maneuvered around, and got ahead of him, giggling while passing him.

I was now feeling free and like a little kid again. Enjoying my time and loving, I was kicking Nick's ass. I completely forgot how much fun this was and wouldn't mind coming back to do this again. Especially now. We were on our last race, and as we neared the finish line, Nick caught up to me. We were neck to neck, finishing the race together, tying. He won twice. I won twice. Then we raced again, with us finishing that last race, tying once again. "Oh well," I said, shrugging a shoulder. "At least we tied," I smiled.

"Are we done?"

I nodded. I was more than done and wanted something else. Him. "Thanks for bringing me here. I needed that kind of fun added to my life," I smiled then skipped a little until he grabbed my hand, stopping me.

"No problem," he smiled, bringing my hand up to his lips. "I had a wonderful time."

I was so in awe, and as I looked into his eyes, I felt myself melting and looked away from him. While walking to his car, I couldn't help but stare at the sunset ahead of us. "Wow. Look at that sunset! Can tonight get any more beautiful?"

He didn't say a word but eyed the sunset with a smile. I removed the binder from my hair when I felt a breeze passing by and let my hair fall, wanting to feel the breeze run through my hair and blow into the air.

"It looks like it will be a nice night tonight," he said, opening the door for me. I felt a little bummed he didn't kiss me before I sat, but whatever.

Nick got in the car, and just when he pulled his seatbelt over his shoulder and got ready to clasp it, he leaned over to me and passionately kissed me, tasting the spearmint of his gum as his tongue slid against mine. Just as our kiss turned more heated, his phone rang. He parted from my lips, looked at his phone, then turned the phone off.

"Roommate," he said, looking away from his phone and over to me. "I'll call them back later."

We finally left the park. I noticed we were going a different way than what we came in and turned to him. "Where are we going now?"

His hand rested on my thigh. Sending a shiver up my spine when his hand rested a little too close to my pussy. "You'll see."

The longer he drove, the more anxious I was becoming. Curious about where he was now bringing me since I wasn't familiar with the area. As the traffic slowed, I looked away from the cars ahead of us and out my side window. Seeing the carnival rides beside us, I felt the kid inside me become alive and excitedly squealed, " Are you taking me here?

"Is that okay? Do you like rides?"

"I love them!"

After finding a place to park, and he helped me out of his car. He pinned me up against his Camaro, brushed the hair flowing over my face behind me, and kissed me. "Hope you're enjoying the night so far," he asked with a smile.

"I am."

"Good. Let's go get our tickets and hit the rides."

After getting our tickets and going on some of the rides, we walked through the carnival, stopping to watch the suckers play games, trying to win that one prize that you could buy cheaper in the store. We went on a few more rides, then we both were feeling hungry, stopped at a Gyro stand, ordered our food, then found a place to sit and eat.

"You're just full of surprises tonight, aren't you?" I asked, taking a bite of my gyro.

He smiled, reached to my lips, and wiped away tzatziki sauce that was still on the corner of my lips. "I wanted to do something fun tonight. And to see a beautiful woman smile for once."

"Oops," I giggled after he showed me how much sauce was on the corner of my lips. I took another bite, and with my mouth full of food, I spoke, "How did you know this was going on? I also have no idea where we are."

"I'm originally from here. And this is the town carnival; they do the same time every year."

"Ohh. I see." He turned from me and leaned his back against the picnic table. "It must be getting late. I see them starting to shut down the rides and the food carts."

He looked at his watch. "Yeah. It's at that time."

I stood and walked over to the garbage can, throwing our trash away. Nick decided to stop at one of the games to throw his money away on our way out. After a couple of times trying, he finally won me the teddy bear he was hoping for, handing it to me. "You know it's cheaper at the store."

"I know. But it's a lot more fun, trying to earn it for someone special."

Awe, I just creamed my panties.


We get to my place. Nick walked me to my door, and just as I placed the key in the lock and unlocked my door. He spun me around, pressed me up against the door, and crashed his lips to mine, hungrily kissing me. His hands lowered to my ass, grabbed and lifted me, opened the door, and carried me over to my couch, having me sit on his lap as he sat.

His mouth then covered mine, then trailed his lips down my chest, exposing my breasts where he took turns licking and sucking each nipple before working his way back up to my mouth. Grabbing the bottom hem of my shirt, he gripped, then tugged it up over my head. In desperation, he lowered me down on the couch and wrapped his mouth around my breasts again. All while pushing my pants down in a hurry.

He removed my pants, then stood and undressed. "Bedroom?" He asked, reaching for my hand.

"Sure," I whispered, placing my hand in his. Only we didn't make it to the bedroom. We made it to the hallway, where he lifted and pressed me up against the wall. With our lips locked, He lowered me some, and the next thing I felt was his swollen cock entering me in one hard thrust. His thrusts were deep, hard, and fast. He was hitting my particular spot with each thrust, sending jolts of electricity throughout my body.

The harder his thrusts, the deeper I dug my nails into his back and called out his name. I lowered my mouth to the crook of his neck and latched on, biting hard. He groaned, pulled me away from the wall, and carried me over to my bed. I flipped him onto his back, climbed over him, and lifted my hips to place his cock at my opening, then; in one hard push, I lowered down on his cock, filling my entire inside of him.

His hands gripped onto my hips and helped guide me. Slowly pulling me up, then shoved me down hard and holding firm before raising my hips again and repeating. He groaned, and I moaned with each hard thrust.

"Brianna..." he loudly moaned. He pushed himself up, tightly wrapped his arms around me, and dug his face between my tits while I continued bouncing on him.

I felt my pussy beginning to spasm and knew I was ready to orgasm. Nick must have felt it too. He flipped me onto my back, raised my legs over his shoulders, and thrust into me fast and hard. Moaning and groaning with each thrust. My arousal hit, as did his. After filling my insides with his warm juices, he lowered my legs, then his lips to mine, kissing me possessively.

"You're one amazing woman. Do you know that? What you do to me is indescribable," he moaned as he parted from my lips and stared into my eyes.

"I have a confession to make."

"What's that?"

"You do the same to me. I feel the same as you," I whispered, smiling while caressing Nick's back with my fingertips.

He smiled, then with his pointer finger, he traced my face, tucked hair strands behind my ear, then lowered his mouth to my neck. He was placing soft kisses along my neck and collarbone, which was giving me goosebumps and activating my nipples. They were now as high as a mountain's peak.

"Nick?" I asked in barely a whisper.

He moved his mouth away from my neck and trailed his lips up to my cheek. "Yes?"

"Please stay here with me tonight."

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