Burning For You (Summers Love Series Book 1)

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When twenty-five year old Ivory Powell came to the small Texas town of Travis Springs in search of her best friend Briella, little did she know that she would fall for Briella's brother's best friend, the sexy cowboy, Bryce Summers. After a bad experience in the past, Bryce Summers, didn't trust any woman. Things changed when a young girl, seven years younger to him, came to his town. He fell head over heels in love with her. Burning for her inside, he tried his best to stay away, to deny his feelings for her. He stayed away from her, gave her space, but for how long? Will he be able to stay away forever? Will he break Ivory's heart because of his trust issues? Read on to find out how these two find their love for each other.

Romance / Drama
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"Bry, live a little, bro, you're too borin," said twenty-one year old Bronson Summers while saddling his stallion, Stud. He and his brothers, Blade and Brody, were accompanying him to the new pub that had come up in their small town and had made quite a name for itself already. Blade was the eldest and seven years older than him and Brody was five years older. Their dad, Jamie Summers was the youngest of the three brothers.

Robert Summers came out of the house, taking in the situation. He was older than Jamie Summers and was the loving uncle Rob to the three boys.

Their eldest brother Derek Summers and his wife used to live in Boston, Leicestershire, UK where they were murdered. Their children shifted here to Travis Springs, Hays county, Texas after the traumatic incident seven years ago.

"Y'all go ahead, I'll just finish the pending accounts work," said thirty-two year old Bryce Summers, son of Robert Summers. They didn't like to see him overwork himself like this. Everyone was entitled to enjoy life, but all Bryce Summers did was work. When free, he played with his nephew and niece. They were his cousin Brittany's children who lived on the neighbouring ranch. Brittany was his uncle Derek's daughter who married his best friend Lucas seven years ago.

His father stepped in,"I've locked the office room, son. So go to Brit's house and play with the kids if you don't want to go with us," he said strictly as Bryce grimaced at them as they all got ready to leave.

Briar Summers came out in a hurry,"Hey, what the hell! Y'all fixin to leave without me?" He scowled at them as he saddled his horse too. He was Bryce's twin brother, though they didn't look very similar.

Bryce went up to his room at the ranch house where they all lived with their grandpa and grandma. He sat down with his beer, staring at the distant sky and the twinkling stars. Truth was that he felt very lonely in the evenings when he didn't have ranch work. He usually spent his evenings in the office at the back of the house, looking into the accounts work, but today his dad locked it away.

He had sworn off women ten years ago, when he fell in love with his classmate Gwendolyn Jones at his engineering college in Austin. He was in his second year pursuing the undergraduate course in civil engineering when he fell in love, or he thought he had. Things became pretty serious and she became pregnant. He brought her home and his family took care of her. After she delivered a baby boy, Bryce's mom, Olivia Summers and his dad were ecstatic. They were planning their wedding when the real father of the child showed up. After a paternity test it was proved that the child wasn't his. Bryce broke down completely. The fact that Gwen cheated on him while still in a relationship with him, broke him.

He went back to Austin to his college but things started deteriorating for him. He started drinking, taking drugs and mixed with street gangs. In one drug dealing venture, the situation got out of hand and rival gangs beat up Bryce and his gang members. One of them informed Robert Summers, and he went to Austin and found his son, critically injured and bleeding. He brought him home to nurture him back to health.

It took Bryce six months to be fit again. He never went back to Austin. The place had bad memories for him, ones he didn't want to ever face again. So he dropped his education and learned ranch work, to help his father and uncle.

Besides the ranch work he also started a construction company and they took up all sorts of construction work in and around Travis Springs. He drowned himself in his work and soon his hard work paid off. Money started pouring in and soon they were doing very well indeed. They expanded their ranch, bought more cows, horses, gave horse training lessons, business multiplied and flourished. The whole family divided the work amongst themselves, roped in more ranch hands too.

He did visit pubs and chose the girls there once in a while to meet his physical needs, but that was all it was, no strings attached, only one night stands.

Coming down, he picked up another can from the refrigerator and sat down on the porch and sipped. He was happy, he didn't need anyone else to make him happy. Finishing his beer, he went to his favourite black stallion, Rebel, and stroked his mane while he stared at Bryce. They had an unspoken connection, no words were needed, their eyes boring into each other, they could feel each other's pain.

Rebel as the name suggested was an aggressive and rebellious stallion until he met a beautiful mare, Breeze. They were inseparable and soon Breeze was pregnant. However, the complications that arose while birthing led to a sudden haemorrhage due to aortic aneurysm and soon Breeze died after giving birth to Spirit. Rebel was never the same.

Bryce sat down on the hay in Rebel's stall and soon dozed off to sleep. He spent many nights in Rebel's stall, it comforted him to know that Rebel was his, and cared for him. Bryce was not the eloquent type, in fact he hardly spoke more than five sentences in a day. His brothers understood him and gave him his space. His mom, grandma and aunt Daisy, who was uncle Jamie's wife, tried to get him to marry, but after a time they gave up, knowing that he could never trust any woman.

Suddenly waking up, he realised that it was dinner time and he had to go to Brittany's house as promised, to give support. Some stalkers were troubling Lucas's cousin Briella and he was sleeping there till the problem was solved.

So, cleaning himself well, he got up and walked to Lucas's ranch. Brian thumped his back when he arrived there, "You came bro, thought you wouldn't tonight. It's already late, Brit's is putting the kids to bed," he said as he served himself dinner.

"Yeah, I fell asleep," he told Brian as he too served himself dinner. Brian was Brittany's younger brother and liked Briella very much.

They ate in silence and went to their own rooms to sleep. Brian was a veterinary surgeon and was practising at the local hospital as well as building his own clinic. Bryce's construction company was in fact doing the construction work at his clinic.

The next morning he woke up early and went to complete his ranch work. Returning just before lunch to Brittany's house, he took a refreshing shower and sat down to lunch with Lucas, Brittany, the kids, Briella and Brian. There was tension in the room as the sheriff had come in the morning with the results of an attack that happened a few days back on Lucas's barn, killing his favourite horse, Champion.

After lunch, everyone left for work, except Brittany, Briella and Bryce. Suddenly the doorbell rang and Brittany went to get it.

There standing at the doorstep was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She didn't look more than twenty-five years of age. Her long blonde hair was blowing in the soft breeze, her large innocent blue eyes held pain, as if she had run away from the demon himself. Her svelte figure and full breasts were emphasised by the white top she wore over a pair of figure hugging denims. Her delicate wrist had a pretty bracelet that caught the light and sparkled. Her plump, pink lips were trembling upon seeing Briella.

Brittany's voice made him come out of his trance and look at his cousin.

Suggested Cast: Matt Bomer as Bryce Summers

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