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"Don't be a spoilsport Aadhu. You can't just back out from a simple dare," said Aayush. "Yes, my aadhu baby. Go girl!!" cheered Meher along with Khushi and Vihaan. "Fine! I will do it. Now stop shouting idiots" said Aadya walking out of their hotel room with her half-open eyes. It seems that the alcohol is getting over her. Standing in front of the room next to theirs, she knocked it twice and just when she was about to turn back, the door opened revealing a well-built, handsome man with captivating brown eyes looking at her in confusion. "You are so handsome that you made me forget my pick-up line," complained Aadya staring at him trying to stand on her feet. "What?" Just as he was about to say something more, she fell on him pecking his lips in the process and dozed off in his arms. Soon, her friends who were trying to peek from their room's door searching for Aadya rushed to her and took her back to the room apologizing to him. *** Come join us in the rollercoaster ride of Arjun and Aadya! 💕✨

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

The Mehra’s were having their breakfast together as usual. This is their daily routine which they usually follow, discussing their everyday happenings of life. The dining hall which is always filled with talks is unusually silent today and the reason behind this is the bomb dropped by our very own Aadya Mehra- the apple of the eye to the entire Mehra family.

She is 25-year-old and is currently doing her postgraduation in Emergency Medicine from RIMS (Rai’s Institute of Medical Sciences), one of the prestigious medical colleges in Mumbai. There’s a medical conference in Delhi which she has to attend the next week and their family being very overprotective about her are still digesting the news she has broken just now.

“But Papa this medical conference is very important for my career and it would be a very great learning opportunity,” said Aadya trying to convince her dad. She very well knows that her father always respects her profession.

“I know my bachcha, but how will you manage alone. You still behave like a kid, and how are we supposed to send a kid without any adult supervision” chuckled her dad, Mr. Pankaj Mehra.

“Please, Papa. It's just a matter of three days and Khushi is also accompanying me. If it is for some fun trip, I would not have requested you this much. I understand your concern about me but It's also about my career so please agree” said Aadya looking at her dad with puppy eyes.

“Papa don’t fall into her trap. She is showing her puppy eyes and trying to convince you. There’s something fishy” said Aadya’s younger brother Sidharth smirking at Aadya while eating his Aloo paratha.

“No papa. Don’t listen to him. Sid just wants to irritate me.” Aadya said while stomping Sid’s foot under the table.

“Fine. Stop fighting both of you. Aadya bachcha you can attend your conference but promise me you will call us twice daily and also take care. I don’t want to send you there all alone, away from us but as it is important for your career, I don’t want to stop you. And you Sidharth, your MBA final semester exams are coming near right so better concentrate on that rather than fighting with your sister always.” said her dad standing up from the table.

Finally, the breakfast was over and everyone went back to their routines. Aadya also started to her college and soon reached her department and got busy with her cases. During the lunch break, she called her best friend Khushi, a final year postgraduate from general surgery to meet her at the canteen for lunch. As they both were busy with their respective works they couldn’t catch up since morning.

“Khushiiiiiii” screamed Aadya hugging her friend.

“What's with you today. Someone seems so happy” teased Khushi

“Of course yes, because Our Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani story is on board babes,” said Aadya smirking at Khushi.

“Oh my goddddddddddd Oh my godddddddd” screamed Khushi jumping along with Aadya.

“But how did you convince uncle? He is very protective about you right. He didn't even agree to our trips before” asked Khushi.

“Who said we are going for a trip idiot? We are attending a medical conference in Delhi.” winked Aadya!
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