Grappling with infatuation

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Chapter 2

It had been a week since meeting the stranger and I kept thinking about the hot student in Dr. Larkin’s lecture. Much to my dismay, I’d woken up this morning only to remember that I dreamt about running my fingers through those dirty blonde ringlets while he pleasured me with his tongue. I was already wet just imagining it. I looked at the clock, checking the time. I still had half an hour until my alarm went off… That was enough time to relieve some of this pent up sexual frustration before I had to start the day.

Slipping down my spider-man printed pj shorts and pulling my black lace panties to the side, I slowly moved two fingers over my clit. Brushing my sensitive folds, I gently rocked my pussy against my fingers. Picturing his face between my thighs and his fingers pumping in and out of me, I stifled a moan, aware that the dorm walls were thin. Within minutes, I was coming as I thought about the tip of his cock brushing against my entrance. Only making contact for a brief moment, teasing my pussy and leaving me wanting more. God, I was in trouble. I wanted so much more…

As I made my way through the hoard of students walking to classes, I felt butterflies in my stomach. Next up I had Dr. Larkin’s class again. In all honesty, even though I despised that cocky smirk, a part of me had been looking forward to Dr. Larkin’s lectures in hopes of encountering this mystery student again. The heat and intensity in his eyes as we verbally sparred made me wonder what passion his eyes would unveil as he fucked me.

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