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Meeting your childhood best friend back again after 10 years would have to be a wonderful moment for anyone. But for Amy Middlestone things are never the same. The young man standing infront of her with tousled black hair which is thick and lustrous, strong and defined face with features moulded from granite is non-other than her childhood friend Zayn Redfield. But his empty stare and those deep black eyes told a different story. Zayn's life was filled with the worst timings. He is gone through hell because of Amy. After all this time this girl shows up back in his life when he had gone far away on the path where there is no coming back.All he could do is to run away,but an unseen power makes it impossible . Camp Atlantis ,a camp for teenagers reunites the two childhood friends Amy and Zayn.Alongside with their friends Chris,Phoebe,Stacey and Jake they discovers a whole new world. The souls of Zayn and Amy is like FIRE & ICE .Two balancing extremes neither could exist without the other.

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I don't know why, but something seems wrong. What is with his frown?
Did he not recognize me?
Should I talk to him again?
For a moment that is all, I could think of unless full suited officials started pouring into the hall. I rushed into my seat. Two girls and two boys were already sitting at my table. They seemed nice and I wanted to say hi but things never go in my way ever since I set my foot on this ground.

For your curiosity, I'm a girl of 16 years who had to come to a so-called youth camp named 'ATLANTIS'.My parents wanted to send me here for a reason the only god knows. After doing all those strikings and arguments I finally end up sitting in this fancy hall filled with a bunch of unknown, weird teenagers.

I was relieved to see him, Zayn Redfield, my childhood best friend among these unknown people. I haven't seen him for the last ten years but still, I could recognize him from afar. Unfortunately, a few minutes earlier when I met him, I knew one thing for sure. He is no longer the same and my instincts said that for him I'm no longer his friend.

Anyhow, finally I'm here and I don't have many options other than to get to know my so-called teammates. I was about to introduce myself when the last member of our team joined us. And he was non-other than Zayn Redfield.

Suddenly the atmosphere was awkward. I didn't feel like introducing myself anymore. Thanks to the spokesman on stage I was able to escape.
"HELLO, GUYS!!! Welcome to Camp ATLANTIS " and the hall was filled with waves of laughter and cheers.

I had nothing to do other than going with the flow. So I did my best to forget about the strange Zayn sitting next to me.

It is only after two to three speeches I got to know where I was. This camp for teenagers, a place to enjoy and develop leadership. It is what they are saying and I doubt it. This is their 148th intake, which means this camp must have a very old history. They have only selected a hundred of us (and why the hell I am selected?) and divided us into fifteen teams (still Zayn and myself in the same team)

During the lunch break, I got to know my fellow teammates, except Zayn. He disappeared as soon as the break starts. My teammates were nice and that was the first good thing I encountered for the day.

The girl with the curly blonde hair was Stacey Harrington. She is cheerful. Unlike me, she is very talkative. Talkative friends are a gift for people like me because they are a great help when expressing my ideas. Another girl was Phoebe Hawthorne. She was not that open but seemed cute and innocent. Her short hair suited her. Jake Sherwood is the big built guy in our team. He looks a bit rough and frightening but once he starts to talk he is cheerful and kind. Last but not least is the guy who is the centre of attention of most girls in the hall. Chris Summerville, a playful character with all the eyecatching actions a guy could have.

I could say our team was good because it was only an hour or two, but it felt like we were friends for ages. Zayn was the only exception. Lunch break was almost over when Zayn got back to his seat.

I did want to talk with him but he already ignored me in our first encounter. So I decided to turn a blind eye to him as much as possible.

"Hey mate, aren't you gonna introduce yourself?" it was Chris. For the first time, the whole team drew their attention to Zayn.

"Um...I am Zayn, Zayn Redfield." that's all he
said. For a moment that awkward atmosphere tensed up. But thanks to Jake he saved the moment. "Come on bro, we'll make the best team ever" he cheered with his hands over Zayn's shoulders.

While chit-chatting with the girls I got a chance to have a look at Zayn. His tousled black hair which was thick and lustrous, sharp jaw, chin and cheekbones with the granite moulded features looked perfect. But his eyes were like deep black mysterious holes. My instincts said that something was off. Anyway, that is not my problem because I already have the best teammates ever.

The second phase of the meeting started. The spokesman was introduced as the head boy of the previous batch. He described the procedure of appointing team leaders. This turn out in the most unexpected and the worst way I could imagine.Because the next moment they announced
"Lead girl of team LEO is AMY MIDDLESTONE aaaaand lead boy will be ZAYN REDFIELD "

Voice in my head was screaming WHY? WHY ME????? I'm no leader. Why the hell they selected me of all? I hated these situations when all eyes are staring at me. I took a peek at Zayn. But as usual, his face was blank.

For a moment I thought the worst is gone. But I was wrong.
"Head girl and head boy for 148th batch of camp ATLANTIS will be the team leaders of team............LEO!!!!!!!!"

This is the worst.... worst day of my life. This is too much. Nothing seems right on me. And this time even Zayn could not hide his dismay. I saw him clenching his fist from the corner of my eyes.

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